Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pope John Paul II Pep Rally Today

I completed the lights on the garland on the top part of the railing and Parker is absolutely mesmerized by them. I put them on yesterday and when I took Parker up to change him I decided to put the lights on for him to see. With those lights and the ones from the Christmas Tree near by Parker was definitely in the Christmas Spirit.

It is so nice being able to spend so much time with my son. I know that most men do not get this opportunity, and although it is to make sure that I do not infect him with anything, I find it is a gift. I cannot believe how fast Parker is getting with his crawling. The little guy scoots around his play areas extremely quickly. Whenever he is in his room, he always crawls right over to his toy box so that he may stand up. I know that it is not going to be long before the chasing we are doing is not due to his crawling, but due to him running. Currently, I have been letting Parker hold my hands with his fingers so that he may walk toward different things in our house. Parker needs the support, but he definitely understands the left foot, right foot, left foot idea when it comes to walking. I know walking is still probably a couple of months away, but he does seem to be making some great progress with it.

Pope John Paul II Catholic school is holding a pep rally today, and have dedicated part of it to celebrating the work they did to help raise funds for him. I had mentioned in my last article that Parker and I made a video to thank the school for everything that they did for us. I was told that City TV is suppose to have a camera crew covering the event, so check out CIty TV tonight at 6p and 11p to see if it made the news.

Parker is getting a special visit from his Nonna and Nonno on Saturday. Parker has not seen them in close to a month since Nonno has been sick. Everyone is really excited for their visit. Parker because he loves his Nonno and Nonna, Nonno and Nonna because they love Parker, and Parker's mommy and daddy because they are looking forward to getting out for a few hours on Saturday while Nonno and Nonna watch him. And of course, because Parker's parents love to be able to have Nonna and Nonno spend time with their little monkey. Nonna and Nonno better be ready, Parker just began crawling the last time they saw him. He is so much faster now.

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Natalie said...

Hello Parker!

I am so glad that you are enjoying all of your new Christmas lights! What fun!

I hope that you have a fabulous time with your Nonna and Nonno! They will be so happy to see what you are able to do now!

Tell your Mommy and Daddy that I hope they do something fun tomorrow as well!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxox