Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thank- you Air Canada and Lufthansa

So Linux has been running very well on my machine. I think my wife is actually starting to enjoy using it. I told her when I put it on that people who use Linux are geeks and she would be joining the club. I know this is off topic but if you are somewhat computer intelligent and you want a stable operating system with good security then I would look into Linux. My plug for the Linux operating system is over.

I have been meaning to mention the following for some time but always forgot when writing the article for the day. Air Canada with their Star Alliance partner Lufthansa have been kind enough to fly us to Milan, Italy. We are extremely appreciative of both airlines and cannot thank them enough. Although we are unaware of the actual date that we will be flying to Italy to take part in the study, Air Canada has been very flexible with us and we do not have to worry about the delay. This is such a relief for us and one less thing to worry about.

It seems as if Parker goes through stages where he sleeps better through the night than others. The last couple of nights I have gone into his room arond midnight because I heard stirring through the baby monitor. When I go in, I find him on top of the blankets, moving around slightly. As a result, I take the blanket and try and cover him. This usually gets him to roll over and then sit up. When I lie him back down and try and cover him, he just sits back up. Then, I pick him up. Moms reading this are probably saying, "Big Mistake". I sing to him, and then put him back in his bed. The result is one of two things. A sleeping baby or a baby yelling to be picked up. This wakes my wife, she comes in and I go down t get him a bottle so he falls back asleep.

At six this morning, we heard movement in his crib again. Being extremely tired, we ignored it. When we finally woke at seven and still heard him moving around we decided to get up to start our day. Nothing bad happened between six and seven this morning while he played by himself in his crib. We knew nothing would. When I heard him last night at midnight I knew he was fine as well. We just want him to be warm when he sleeps. I think today we will get him warmer pajamas to sleep in; just in case he kicks the blankets off again.

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Natalie said...

Hello Sleeping Bunny!

I often toss and turn in my sleep too Parker Pants! It sounds as though you are learning to amuse yourself if you wake up a little earlier than anyone else...good for you little one.

I am happy to hear that your trip to Milan is taken care less worry is a good thing.

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxox