Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Visit From a Friend

I am sure that most of you have read the article in the Toronto Star by now, if you have not you can check it out by clicking here. It was a nice article about Parker (AKA DesLauriers). I was hoping that our website would have been listed somewhere in the article so that more people can be aware of the disease, but regardless we were very happy with the article. Thank- you to the Toronto Star.

Parker had a trip to Sick Kid's today as he usually does. It was only to be a short visit to receive his ADAGEN injection; however, when we got there we were very pleased to see Parker's favourite doctor, Dr. Sean. Parker spent alot of time with him when he was in isolation and as a result you could always tell that Parker enjoyed when Dr. Sean visited him. Parker was always on his best behaviour for him and made a habit of showing off for him. Today we got to have a nice reunion with Dr. Sean and Parker got to show him all of the new things he has learned since leaving isolation. Remember, Parker was only about five months old when he left his isolation room.

I have decided to keep this article on the shorter side as I am not one to write for the sake of writing. With that, I wish everyone a good night.

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