Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Smart Monkey

It is just after eight in the morning, I finished giving Parker his Septra a few moments ago and he is now standing in his Exersaucer watching his mother do something he has never seen before. Cook. To be honest, I think the last time she cooked for me was when we were dating, so I am definitely looking forward to having the night off from cooking. Spaghetti and Sauce it will be tonight. When things happen this infrequently you know they have to be good.

I must say that there were quite a few hits to the older articles the past couple of days as a result of my last post. I had a feeling that people would read the odd one but we had a thousand hits on the Monday as a result of people looking back at some of the more relevant ones in Parker's battle. For that reason I decided to leave the article there for another day before writing a new one. I want to be able to design the new page so that it will incorporate something similar to the last article. I know I keep talking about the new page at and some of you may be wondering when it is going to happen and the best I can say is after I write my Sun Certified Web Component Developers Exam at the end of December.

Parker has displayed some developmental milestones in the past few days. At least I depict them that way. The first of three would be he is now interested in climbing up onto anything. His new favourite is the sofa in the family room. It is right beside his play area and he loves to crawl all around there including to the sofa. I will be building a new area for Parker to play that will incorporate carpeted wooden blocks for practising his cruising. I will do it in the second bedroom upstairs that we have rearranged so that he is able to have a third play area in the house. We have decided to move one of his ABC mats to the new play area which will house his soon to be cruising apparatus.

Secondly, Parker is extremely interested in throwing and dropping his toys. Whenever he is standing or sitting in his high chair he loves to take everything he can get his hands on and whip them to the ground. I get a kick out of retrieving the toy very quickly and placing it back in front of him so that he can throw it again. There is this little frog that lives on his toy box upstairs and Parker is capable of tossing it a good couple of feet after he is angry enough that it keeps returning after being dropped on the floor.

Lastly, and the one I am the most pleased about is how he is interacting with his toys, impartiality two specific toys. Once again I returned Parker's wooden puzzle of shapes to his play area. In the past he was only interested in chewing on them or the occasional banging of them together. Last night and this morning when he had the opportunity to play with them he was more interested in banging them against the puzzle board in attempt to put them back into the slot the came from. The other toy that I have noticed some significant interaction with is his toy with the small blocks that are restrained by a wire. He has now decided that it is interesting to move the individual pieces on the wire instead of trying to knock over the toy or eat the wires. I am definitely very pleased with his progress.

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Natalie said...

Good Morning Parker!

You are learning so much! Wow! I bet you will be putting those puzzles back together soon!

I hope that you enjoy your new play area as well! And Parker look so cute all dressed up for outside...I love your boots! I would love a pair for myself!

Have a great day little one,
Auntie Natalie xoxo