Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stand Up!

It is raining quite hard outside right now. I am not sure if it is the weather but my mind seems to be a little "mushy" this morning. I came into my office to do something but I completely forgot what it was. For that reason I figured that I would sit down and write today's article.

Let me start by saying that Parker has continued to sleep well at night. Yes, he does get up to move around but he always settles himself. He usually gets up crying within a couple of hours of going to bed, but I will normally go into to hold him in the glider chair until he has slept for at least 15 minutes in my arms. With his head resting on my shoulder and the sound of his daddy singing to him is usually enough to completely relax him and allow me to put him to bed.

I had mentioned yesterday that Parker was not that interested in clapping any more, but had almost been able to pull himself up to a standing position so that he may play with the toys on his toy box. I am happy to report that Parker is now able to get himself into a standing position without any assistance from anyone. On three occasions, Parker pulled himself up all by himself. Mommy and daddy were very pleased with his accomplishment. We are not sure how we are going to do it yet, but we need to make sure he has a lot of opportunity to practise this skill in addition to work on his cruising (walking while holding on to furniture). It needs to be done in a controlled environment and the only real one we have is his bedroom.. My wife and I will have to talk about trying to set something up in his room. For now, we will make sure that he practices standing and playing in a standing position whenever we are in his room with him.

Before I diverge on to a topic that is completely unrelated to Parker I must explain what the pictures of Parker are about. With the beautiful weather we had yesterday my wife decided to take Parker for a stroller ride around the neighbourhood. It was a little bit chilly so we had to bundle him up in his gloves and hat. He is definitely a little cutie in his Toronto Maple Leaf mittens.

I know that many of the people that know me know that I enjoy cooking quite a bit. It is definitely one of my outlets during these difficult times. I figured that I would share a Banana Bread recipe that I made yesterday with everyone. I had modified a basic Banana Bread recipe I had to include a few things that seemed to work very well. I included some fail safe notes on the recipe so that you can obtain the same results each time. If you are interested in it, you can grab it from here.

I think my mind is starting to clear up, I just remembered what it was I came to the computer for originally. I needed a recipe for chicken drumsticks that I have been thawing out for the past few days.


Bree said...

Absolutely adorable pictures Parker! It's good to see you doing so well! Definately brightened my day down here - it's rainy and wet and foggy as well. You just made it that much brighter!

Much Love,

Natalie said...

Hi Parker Pants,

Wow...standing up on your own...what an accomplishment! Good for you!

I have a really good (possibly even better than that) idea for your Daddy. I think that he should bake the banana bread for me because I know that his will turn out! When I make mine Parker Pants it is not as good! So...there it is order of banana bread already placed! It will be soooo good - I can taste it already!

Have a great day you three!

Natalie xoxox

Allyson said...

Parker-you are too cute for words. I just love seeing your smiley face! Good job on standing! You are just growing up too quickly!