Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cool Rider

Last year for Christmas, before Parker was born, Nanna bought Parker a Winnie the Pooh that he could ride on for when he got older. While I was rummaging through the basement I noticed it amongst some of his other baby stuff. I figured that now would be a great time for us to introduce Parker to it. So, I brought it upstairs, cleaned it thoroughly and placed it in front of Parker. Parker was quite surprised to say the least, and when I placed him on it, held his little hands on the handle and then started walking behind him as we scooted across the upstairs Parker smiled.

Parker was unsure of where his hands and feet went, but after a little bit of practice he was quite good at staying on without falling off to one side. Today, when I put him on his Winnie the Pooh, I did not have to hold his hands or make sure his feet were in the right position. I just pushed Winnie from room to room with Parker holding on. Parker's balance was so good that at times he decided to only hold the handle with one hand. Not bad for only his second day of riding Pooh Bear.

Today, I had to move Parker's mattress to the lowest setting in his crib. Why? Well, Parker decided that since standing is so much better than sitting that we found him standing up in his crib during nap time. Every time we would put him down, he would grab hold of the rails and stand right back up. Of course this will not keep him from standing in his crib, but it will keep him from trying to jump over out of his crib.

Parker enjoys standing so much that he attempts to use anything and everything to get himself up. My son literally climbs up the wall. I did not know that infants could use the wall to get into a standing position, but I guess they can. The only thing is that Parker does not know what to do once he is standing against the wall all by himself.

Tomorrow we have clinic. We will meet with Parker's staff immunologist to hear how well Parker is doing. Parker had another flow cytometry test done on him earlier this week, so I am assuming the results will be ready for us tomorrow. What I am hoping for is that he gives us a date for Parker to come to Italy.
I have a good feeling that it will be tomorrow that we will find out, but I have always been an optimist.

So, tune in tomorrow... Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel to find out how Parker's clinic went.


Elizabeth said...

Hi there Parker Darling!

Wow, that Winnie-the-Pooh rider looks like soooo much fun! I am glad that you are getting the hang of it so quickly! Just watch out, Dad, before you know it, he might be off like a shot on it - without you holding on!

I hope all went well today with your clinic, Parker - thinking of you as always!

Natalie said...

Hello My little Midnight Rider!

What a big boy you are becoming! I am so happy that you have another toy that will provide you with lots and lots of fun! You deserve it!

Oh, Parker please wish your Grandparents lots of good will for me as they start out on their new adventure in their new place!

Uncle David and I cannot wait to see you soon to celebrate Christmas together...what fun it will be!

Have a wonderful weekend Parker Pants!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxo