Monday, November 27, 2006

Number Two Hundred

Yes. As the title says this is the 200th article I have written for this blog since I started it. It is hard to think that we have gone through this for as long as we have. It was last March when we found out exactly what was wrong with Parker and it has been quite the journey since. Parker has now been at home for pretty much as long as he was in the hospital and at the moment I think only of Parker as a healthy normal ten month old little boy. I know there will be a time in the close future that we will be spending quite a bit of time with Parker in the hospital in Italy, but I will leave the future in the future.

I had mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, that I wanted to have an article that incorporated past articles to act as a summary of everything that Parker has gone through so I figured that today would be a good day for that. This will be great for those of you who are new to the blog and can be a memory jerker for those of you who have been here from the beginning.

Happy readings.

Sunday, March 19th - The Very First Article
Monday, March 20th - Results of the Lung Biopsy
Wednesday, March 29th - Dad Researches Gene Therapy
Friday, March 31st - A Message from Dad to Mom - Voted best Article
Sunday, April 2nd - Parker is able to Wear his own Clothes Instead the Hospital Sleepers
Friday, April 7th - Our Meeting with the Doctors about Treatment Options
Saturday, April 8th - Parker Enters an Online Baby Photo Contest
Wednesday, April 12th - We Choose Gene Therapy in Italy as Treatment for Parker
Friday, April 28th - PEG-ADA has been Approved for use on Parker
Wednesday, May 3rd - Parker's Neutrophils have Disappeared
Thursday, May 4th - Parker Starts PEG-ADA
Friday, May 5th - Parker Wins Online Baby Contest
Monday, May 8th - PEG-ADA Starts to show Positive Results in Parker
Tuesday, May 9th - Parker is no Longer Neutropenic
Saturday, May 20th - Parker Makes the Front Page of the Toronto Star
Monday, May 22nd - Explanation of Parker's Recent Weight Gain Success - with graphs
Friday, June 2nd - Parker Comes Home
Friday, June 9th - Parker's First Clinic Day
Saturday, June 17th - Playing For Parker Fundraiser at the Rivoli
Monday, July 3rd - A Science Lesson about Severe Combine Immunodeficiency
Sunday, July 23rd - Parker Goes to the SCID Picnic - A Rare Day Out With Parker
Monday, August 14th -Parker Gets his IgG and Everyone Feels Bad
Saturday, August 19th - Benefit Dinner for Parker - Parker's Journey
Sunday, August 27th - A Look Back to Before the Blog - A Series of Emails to Friends
Tuesday, August 29th - PEG-ADA Working and Parker's Cell Counts are Up
Monday, September 25th - Parker's Cousins see Him
Friday, September 29th - Parker's Numbers Up Again
Sunday, October 1st - Parker Gets Baptized - Video AvailableWednesday, October 11th - Parker Starts to Crawl and Parker is on CityTV
Saturday, October 14th - Information about Italy
Friday, November 3rd - Parker's X-Rays Show that his Skeletal Abnormalities are Mild and Improving
Thursday, November 16th - Parker can get into a Standing Position without Help from Mom or Dad


Allyson said...

You are one dedicated Dad and Parker is soooo lucky to have such amazing parents! Keep it up guys!

Natalie said...

Wowwee Parker Poo,

You have been through so much during the past year. I am so glad that your Daddy has kept us all up to date on your progress. I cannot wait until I am reading the article telling us that you are home safe and sound from Italy and all is well with the world. I KNOW with EVERY INCH of my being that that article is coming soon my special little Parker and as I said I CANNOT WAIT to read it!

We love you so much Parker Pants!

Auntie Natalie & Uncle David xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Wow, Parker! What a trip down memory lane - I forgot (as many do, I suppose!) how tiny you were (like all babies, hee hee!) as a newborn and how much you have grown into a big, strong, boy!

You are one lucky boy to have such wonderful parents (but how could they be anything else to such a wonderful boy like you?)!

See you soon,
Elizabeth & Calder