Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween is Coming

I did not write yesterday and I did not want to go a whole other day without having something here for people to read so I thought I would bring my coffee to the computer and write today's article before I do any studying for the day. My wife is trying to get Parker down for his nap for the morning so I figured this is the best time to try and get the article done.

I guess I should start with how well Parker has been sleeping. We are very pleased to say that once the little monkey goes to sleep for the night he does is out until his morning feed. That said, that doesn't mean that I am not up four or five times throughout the night checking in on him. What is it about being a parent that you are compelled to check up on your child even when you know that nothing is wrong. My wife falls asleep sometime just after 10pm, but for some reason I am unable to and find myself lying next to her watching television until after one in the morning. We turn off Parker's Hepa filter during the evening hours allowing us to hear every little move that Parker makes through his baby monitor. To be honest, the noise that comes through the monitor is usually non-existent once the Hepa Filter is turned off. However, every once in a while I hear the little monkey through the monitor moving around in his crib. I know this is completely normal. I know that Parker must change positions in his crib five or six more times while I sleep through the night, but for some reason I feel compelled to get out of bed and make sure the little guy is covered properly and in what I would consider a comfortable position. Last night, on two occasions after I checked on him I caught him hiding under his blanket in the corner of his crib. It was funny to see since we all know that Parker hates being covered by his blankets.

We had purchased Parker's Halloween costume a couple of months ago on a trip we had made to Niagara Falls, New York. The costume was 12-18 month in size and actually looked quite large when we looked at it without Parker in it, so we decided to make sure that it fit yesterday. Not only did it fit, but Parker looked absolutely adorable. We placed him on his mat downstairs and he did not care for a single moment that he was in a very bulky costume. Parker still occupied himself with the familiar toys around him. Tuesday is Halloween and it is also a day in which we go to Sick Kid's. We are very excited to show off Parker in his Costume to the doctors and nurses at Sick Kid's.

I am very pleased to notice that the number of people that populate the site have risen in the past few weeks. One of the main goals of this site is to educate people on this disease, in addition to the benefits of genetic therapy. I know that I have not written an scientifically based article in the past while, and many of you are probably pleased about that, but I will be writing one shortly to get people educated about what gene therapy is and its benefits.

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Natalie said...

Hi Parker Pants,

I cannot wait to see pictures of you in your Halloween costume! I bet you will be the cutest baby of will knock the doctors over at Sick Kids!

I bet that it is reassuring for you to know that your Daddy is checking up on you throughout the night! Rest assured little one, Daddy & Mommy are always there!

Have a wonderful day full of play Parker Poo! Peek a Boo!

Auntie Natalie xoxo