Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nap Time or Play Time?

I shall begin by saying congratulations to my sister and the rest of her family, as she gave birth to a 7 lbs 13 oz baby boy on Tuesday evening. Although my wife and I try not to go places where there is an increased risk of coming in contact with germs we made sure to attend the birth of our nephew William. It was definitely a very exciting time for everyone involved and I even think my sister would admit Tuesday was fun.

Today, we are having Parker's Uncle and aunt over for dinner along with Parker's Nanna and Grand-dad. We did not get to have a family Thanksgiving so we decided that the six of us would have our own family gathering. I have always enjoyed entertaining as I love to cook and when we purchased our home before Parker was born I anticipated on entertaining on a regular basis. However, under the circumstances I have been unable. I am extremely excited that today I will get to make Osso Bucco with a Wild Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto.

I did not mention it in an earlier post, but we decided to have a portion of our home professionally cleaned. My wife spends quite a bit of time cleaning as you can imagine and I do my part once in a while as well, but we decided to have someone come in to clean all the windows in addition to giving the bathrooms a good clean. They were here for a good six hours and made sure to rid every piece of dirt. We were very pleased with their work and as a result I thought I might mention them here in the blog. With that, if you need a very good cleaner for your home, you may want to check out the same one that we trusted, Clean and Dusters.

We got a call from the woman at the Toronto Star who took over the position as health reporter. They wanted to meet with us tomorrow at the hospital so that they may do a follow up story on Parker for Tuesday's edition of the Toronto Star. As a result, we will meet them after Parker's ADAGEN injection and before he goes for his x-rays. So check out Tuesday's edition of the Toronto Star.

Now, we all know that Parker has decided that he does not enjoy naps in the afternoon and as a result he chooses not to partake in them. That said, we decided to pop into Parker's room yesterday morning about ninety minutes after we had put him down. Of course, when we looked in we did not see a sleeping baby, but instead our son sitting up holding his blanket in his arms as he rocked back and forth in his crib. Since we had not checked on him since we had put him down earlier that morning, we are unsure if he had ever gone to sleep. Well, at least until later that day. Parker pretty much let the cat out of the bag during his dinner time feed. Parker fell asleep in his high chair right in the middle of his feed. So, I guess our little monkey likes to choose his own times during the day for his naps.


Uncle Mikey said...

Dear Parky,
Everytime we see new pictures of you, you keep getting bigger and bigger! How sweet do you look sleeping in your high chair!? Parker, you need to nap when mommy and daddy put you down so that you can eat as much as you want and get even bigger than you are now!
It's exciting that you have another new cousin! I'm sure mom and dad will show you lots of pictures of William. Hey, you're not the youngest can boss around at least one cousin! ;)
Love and miss you lots,
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey

Natalie said...

Hello My Little Sleeping Bunny!

I hope that you were not just trying to get out of eating your dinner! Congratulations on your new little cousin! Yippee Parker Pants!

I hope you enjoy your visit tonight with your Uncle Michael and Aunt Katie - dinner sounds delicious!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxox

Stacia said...

Wakey wakey little parker!!!
Oh little man...somedays I get that tired too...
No Biggie ... LOL

I swear you grew in the 1 day between pictures??? Such a little man!

I hope you have a fun party with your aunt and uncle and nanna and grand-dad :)

Have a good weekend!