Thursday, October 26, 2006

Twenty Three Pounds

As I write today's article I can hear my wife shouting downstairs to me to inform me that Parker has had quite the bowel movement. I am not sure when having a bowel movement goes from being cute to grotesque, but apparently we are not there yet. I have decided to shut the door to my office as I usually do when I am trying to do work so that if she calls me to give her a hand I can honestly say I did not hear her.

I have to apologize to everyone ahead of time as I am expecting this to be a shorter article. I have spent the past hour trying to decide what I will write about and to be honest I am at a loss for words.

I guess I will mention that we did go to Sick Kid's today to get Parker's ADAGEN injection in addition to having Parker give blood. We normally go on the Friday, but there seems to be a large convention this weekend for immunology and none of them will be able to be at Sick Kid's tomorrow. We were hoping that immunology would have the results for Parker's x-rays but they did not. I am assuming that we will find out next Friday when we meet with the staff immunologists. He looks normal, and he acts normal, but until they tell us that his skeletal system is normal we will not know. Now that Parker is 23 lbs 3.2 oz we want to make sure he does not have any difficulty bearing his weight on his legs.

For those of you who are wondering how Parker slept last night, he slept well. He did sleep through the whole night and only got up at 6:30am for his morning feed. We normally put him back to bed afterwards in hopes to catch another hour of sleep but when my wife put him back in his crib, and then returned five minutes later after bringing some things downstairs he was sitting up, with his face pressed against the side of the crib, as he looked out at her smiling. I guess, Parker was rested enough from his undisturbed sleep that he was ready to play.

As I said, today's article is shorter and I don't hear a raucous coming from outside my office so I think it is safe to open my door, to head out into the kitchen and grab something to drink. I promise to write something with more substance tomorrow, so please check back then and I will have a great article with many pictures for you to look at.

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Natalie said...

Good Morning Parker,

I hope that you had another good sleep last night! It is a rainy morning in Toronto so it is a good day to cuddle in bed with your favourite toys!

Lots of love little one!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxo