Saturday, October 07, 2006

Perfect 10!

Now, I had written a message back on April 1st stating that Parker had finally reached 10 pounds. On Friday prior to getting his bi-weekly enzyme injection Parker finally reached the 10 kilogram mark. Parker was 10.065 kgs. It is funny how you begin to use the metric system on things like your weight, height and temperature one you have an extended stay at a hospital. Now, for those of you who are not comfortable using the metric system for weight measurements 1 kilogram is the same as 2.2 pounds. That would mean Parker is now 22 pounds and 2.2 ounces. Where would a physicist be without a little math once in a while, so here is the conversion for those of you who care:
10.065 kg x 2.2 lbs/kg
=22.143 lbs
Now to calculate the number of ounces that is equivalent to 0.143 lbs
=0.143 lbs x 16 oz/lbs
=2.2 ounces
Parker's Weight: 22 lbs 2.2 oz

That means that Parker has more than doubled his weight in the past five months. Since he was born 8 and a half month ago Parker has more than tripled his weight. That also included the first couple of months when he stopped gaining weight because he was sick and was not eating. Way to go little Parker. There are not too many children who have been diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency that have not had difficulty gaining weight. In fact there are not too many SCIDs that we know that didn't need a feeding tube at one time or another. Parker has not.

Today, we took Parker to the car wash that Pope John Paul II Catholic School were doing to raise funds for Parker. It was a great day for a car wash, and there were so many students there helping out. The students were very pleased that Parker was able to come by to see them. Parker enjoyed looking out of the car window as they washed our car. Thank-you to everyone involved.

Tonight is the alumni pub night that Pope John Paul II alumni are throwing in Scarborough. My wife and I are both looking forward to going to see some of my old friends. We will be putting Parker down and we hope to be there just after 9pm. Parker's Nana and Granddad will be watching over the little monkey tonight.

I had also mentioned that Summit Heights has been doing a Pennies for Parker fundraiser at their school. We were so happy to hear that in the short time that they have been doing it they have already collected quite a few coins. Thank you so much, Summit Heights.

Parker has been teething the past few days. His top two teeth are causing him some pain and as a result he has been waking up in the night as a result. I know that many people think that you should let your baby settle themselves, but I am not one of those. Parker does not cry very often, and he has been through quite a bit. With his upcoming treatment in Italy he still has quite a bit of pain and sadness to endure. For that reason, I will not let my little boy cry in the night. If he wants his mommy or his daddy, we will be there for him.

I had mentioned that Parker has finally mastered the art of getting into a sitting position for his stomach in the past week. With that accomplishment I have taken it upon myself to help him master a new skill by giving his the opportunity to get into a standing position by pulling himself up. Parker has no problem standing when he has support. Parker will stand and play with his toys for a good ten minutes by himself without anyone holding him. He will stand in front of his toy box, as he uses one hand to support himself and his other to play with his toys. By sitting him in front of his toy box he will put his hands on the top of it and try and pull himself up. Currently, he needs a little help from dad to get into his standing position, but give him a few more days and he will have it figured out.

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Bree said...

Congrats Parker! I never needed a feeding tube myself (in fact i was a fat kid, ha ha.) Gaining weight is hard work little buddy, but luckily for you, just eat candy all the time and you should stay right up there, as well as making all your friends jealous! Keep up the good work! Have a great Thanksgiving too!

Your Fellow SCID,