Monday, October 02, 2006

Pooh Bear

I feel that I have not really written very much in the past few days. Yes, I wrote about Parker's baptism yesterday, but other than that I feel like I have had a loss for words.

The next week or so should be quite exciting for Parker as we are waiting to complete a couple of milestones. Parker is on the verge of getting into a sitting position all by himself. We saw something that I thought was him trying to get into his sitting position before we saw his therapist. She did confirm that that is exactly what it was. She then showed us how to help Parker to get into a sitting position from being on his stomach. A couple of days of that and we now see him almost there, all by himself.

Secondly, we are waiting for that day where the little monkey takes off and starts crawling. This is something that daddy and Parker work on quite a bit so that is going to be a very big day. I am not too worried about him getting sick once he starts crawling. The house is extremely clean, and we will probably confine his crawling to his room, and the family room. There is a mat on the ground in the family room, which we will probably increase in size shortly. So that he does not go all over the main floor, we will have to put some kind of infant barrier surrounding his mat.

We are also waiting to hear from the hospital in regards to when his x-ray is going to be. We were told today by one of the doctors that a requisition has been placed for the x-ray and it was requested that it be either this Friday or next to correspond with a hospital visit. Everyone is anxious to see he Parker truly does have some skeletal abnormalities. As I previously mentioned, skeletal abnormalities are a side effect of ADA deficiency.

This weekend, is the Pope John Paul II alumni Pub night. It is being used as a fundraiser for Parker. My wife and I will both be attending and are looking forward to seeing many of the people that I went to high school with. In addition, I have been informed that the school is also embracing Parker's cause. They are planning to do several events to support Parker and his battle against ADA deficiency. I believe that they are going to be promoting it this Friday at their first school mass. My wife and I are extremely happy that we have the support of so many wonderful people. It truly does make it so much easier for us. I know I have said it before, but family and friends have given us so much strength during all of this that we have been able to pass on to our son.

Lastly, I finished Parker's baptism video. I must warn you, although it is only three minutes in length it is quite a large file. I would suggest that you right click on it and select save target as... It will take a while to download even with a fast connection. Please be patient, as it gives his other videos a run for their money.


Stacia said...

Hi Parker!!!

I just watched your baptism video!!! WOW!!! Very Cool! Your daddy did a great job :)

...Parker, we have all been blessed simply by "knowing you". Seeing you every single day ... climb over hurdle after hurdle successfully. Your strength is amazing and inspiring as is the strength that your mommy and daddy continue to have day in and day out.

Keep on truckin' little man ... !!! I think your just getting started with what you will amaze us all with!!!

Love and Hugs,

Uncle Mikey said...

Dear Parky,
We're so sorry we missed your baptism. First I got sick, then Uncle Mikey and Jacob followed soon after. The little guy is still sick, but doing much better! You were such a good boy during the baptism! By the way, we loved your Pooh outfit...too cute big guy! Any day now you'll be sitting up on your own and crawling all over the place. We're excited to see more videos of are so adorable with your big Pooh bear. You are the happiest baby we've ever seen.
Miss you and love you lots and lots,
Auntie Christini, Uncle Mikey and Jacob xoxoxoxoxo