Saturday, December 02, 2006

Old Toy Trains

My apologies for not writing yesterday. I was helping Parker's Nanna and Grand-dad put some furniture together in their new condo and with Clinic in the morning there was not much time.

I have to say that the weather has been very crazy the past couple of days. It rained all day yesterday in and around Toronto, last night and through the night the wind was loud and powerful, and this morning as I looked out of my office window I saw the snow fall from the sky.

I suppose I should begin with how Clinic went. We were hoping to hear that we had a definite date set for our trip to Italy, but we did not get that. The most we got was it will most likely be January and they would be surprised if it was later than February. I am sure that it will not be long before we hear of our actual date.

We did get the results of Parker's flow cytometry test back. The test is used to check for particular receptors on cells so that they may count and differentiate the types of the different lymphocytes that Parker has. Since starting his enzyme replacement therapy Parker has continued to have his T and B cells increase in numbers. Parker's numbers in all of the lymphocyte categories have continued to rise. I believe that it is important that Parker show positive results for this form of treatment so that when he does take part in the gene therapy trial his body is capable of producing the correct types of cells when given the opportunity.

Lastly, Parker has developed a diaper rash. We are not too worried about it since my wife is a professional at getting rid of them. He never seems to have one that lasts for any extensive amout of time. However, they did say it looked like a fungal rash so they prescribed him an antifungal cream with some steroids in it to apply twice a day when he is being changed. It is applied underneath the Zincofax that he normally has applied. Give it a couple of days and my wife will have his rash completely gone.

For those of you who live in the Toronto area, there is a radio station that begins playing Christmas music in late November and we have been pretty much listening to it whenever we are in the car. I mention this because there was a song that I heard and liked called Old Toy Trains by Roger Miller. I downloaded, and memorised the words so that I could sing it to Parker when I need to put him to sleep. Well, I got the opportunity yesterday in the car on the way home from clinic. My wife had to go into a store and since we cannot bring Parker into a store with us I drove around the parking lot singing Old Toy Trains. It put Parker to sleep and kept him a sleep for over twenty minutes. This morning, when my wife went out I decided to take Parker to the computer and play a few different versions of the song that I had gotten from Limewire. By the time the third version had started to play, Parker was nestled up against me sound asleep. He stayed that way for another twenty minutes until my wife came home and told me to try and bring him upstairs and place him in his crib. It looked like it was going to work until he opened his eyes when I lay him down. I brought the little monkey back downstairs and he is now with his mother having a bottle.

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Natalie said...

Hello My Sleeping Bunny,

Old Toy Trains is one of the best Christmas songs for children! My kindergarten class sang it last year at our Holiday concert Parker! All of my grade one students (who I taught in Kindergarten) still ask to sing it all the time! I love it too!

Have a great day little one....

Old Toy Trains,
Little Toy tracks,
Little Toy drums,
Coming from a sack,
Carried by a man,
Dressed in white and red,
Little one don*t you think it*s time you were in bed.
Close your eyes.....

Are you sleeping yet Parker....

Auntie Natalie xoxo