Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Day Away

I will begin by apologizing for not writing yesterday. My wife and I had planned on going to Buffalo and Niagara Falls for a night for a well deserved rest. Nana and Granddad were given the okay to watch the little guy for the duration that we were away. I had planned on writing articles while I was away, but I was unable to locate Internet access at our hotel.

Although we were excited to get away for a night and get a whole nights rest, we did miss our son very much. How much you might ask? Well, last night my wife awoke from her sleep, sat up and slapped me in my sunburn as he she screamed, "Where is Parker?".

The past week we have noticed a rash on the back of Parker's neck and around his ears. When we came home this morning we had noticed that it had gotten quite worse. The doctor's at Sick Kid's in Toronto had said that they thought it was a heat rash when we were there on Friday. After looking at it today, and doing a little bit of reading on the Internet, I would have to agree. It seems to be concentrated in the folds of his neck, and around his ears. It looks very uncomfortable but he does not seem to be complaining much about it. My wife is currently giving the little monkey a good bath, and we have decided to let him go without a shirt on for most of the day so that he is not too warm. I don't want him sweating and having it get worse. We are also using cornstarch three times a day in the folds of his skin where it is much worse. If you look closely at the image below you can see the redness on his neck. I have included an image of the rash. You cannot see the portion in the folds of his neck, but you can see the red bumps. Parker also has some lighter red dots on his stomach.

We wondered how Parker would sleep with us not here at night. When we were at the hospital we were unable to stay over night and for that reason, if Parker were to awake in the middle of the night the nurses would have to console him and feed him. Would you believe that Parker slept through the night last night. How does he know that we are not here? It is not like we jump up if he makes a noise in the night. We only pick him up if he is crying or screaming and it does not seem that he is going to stop. But last night, we are told he didn't scream or cry.

To say the least, we were very glad to see Parker when we got home today.


coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerpants!!

Your heat rash doesn't sound like any fun, but you're a fighter!! I'm glad that your Mom and Dad got a chance to go to a hotel for some well deserved R&R. And I'm happy to hear that you had a nice time with Nana and Grandad.

Love ya lots and lots,
Auntie Kate

Natalie said...

Parker Poo!

I am sorry to hear about your heat rash! I bet there are lots of those rashes going around during these last couple of hot days!

I know that you like your veggies but I am wondering if you will like fruit. I am making some strawberry short cake right now and I BET that you would love it! Yummy!

I am glad that your Mommy and Daddy were able to get some rest and I am happy that you slept so well for your Nana and Grandad!

Hugs and kisses Parker Poo!

Auntie Natalie xoxo

Funny Face said...

Good Morning Parker!

Sorry to hear about the heat rash...Elizabeth had that last summer but it does go away. You should ask your dad to give you an ice will help your teeth, little drops off water on your skin will cool you down and they are lots of fun to play with.

Glad to hear your parents got a chance to get away for a night...hope they really enjoyed. It is a good thing they went away for the night so you could get a good night sleep.

Well Parker it should be cooler today so enjoy!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth