Thursday, July 27, 2006

Strong boy!

I am telling you this is one strong little boy. I have decided that I could show Parker that his body needs to be higher up if he eventually wants to crawl. Everyone who has even met the little monkey has always commented how strong he is, especially his leg muscles. I think he gets his leg muscles from his dad. As I was saying I have placed Parker on his tummy with his arms hanging over the Jolly Jumper pillow and the little guy crawled right over it. He used his legs to push up off the ground and then with one big push he was over the pillow doing a face plant on the other side. Me being the tough dad, figured I would leave him live that to see what he would do. The little guy used his arms to prop himself, used his legs to push the pillow away and he was up doing his regular tummy time. I am working on a video of Parker doing just this, and as soon as it is done in the next day I will place it on the site. So please check out the videos on the right sidebar.

I guess I should mention his numbers from Tuesday's trip to the hospital. The big number that we have been following has been his IgG levels. It had steadily been decreasing for the past ten weeks until finally last week it seemed to stabilize and actually increase slightly. That said, it was unfortunate that Tuesday revealed it had decreased slightly once more time. We are hoping that it does not continue to decrease as it would mean Parker would have to obtain the IgG through an IV. This is something that we have not had very much luck with.

This Sunday is the picnic at Wildwood Park in Mississauga. The mass begins at 11:00 am and then will be followed by some wonderful festivities. If you want information on how to get there, you can check the right sidebar.

There are a lot of tickets still available for the benefit dinner on August 18th. You can get your ticket by emailing my mother. If you have a company or work for a company that would like to purchase a table please let us know as well. We are making sure to credit the different companies at the event. Make sure to get your tickets soon.

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Natalie said...

My Goodness Parker!

You are going to be crawling in no time! I cannot wait to hear about all the exciting places you discover when you start to move all around!

I am hoping that your numbers start to go up Parker Pants...I know they will soon which will make everyone that loves you sooooo happy!

Have a wonderful day little one,
Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxox