Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tried Beechnut Baby Food Today

I got an email from a woman today who had mentioned that her child enjoys Beechnut baby food and that maybe we should give it a try. I decided to go out this morning and grab a few jars of the different vegetables for Parker. I decided to do the feeding early this afternoon while mom went out for a bit. We tried the sweet potato today. At first look the Beechnut sweet potato is a brighter orange than the Heinz, so I took that as a good sign. After heating up half a jar, I decided I would have a taste. To be honest, I had yet to try any of Parker's food yet so this was something new. The small little bit didn't taste half bad. It tasted like a watered-down sweet potato.

To be honest, Parker made a very strange face when the first spoonful went in. That said, I figured the more he had, the more he enjoyed it. He did eat the whole amount I had set aside for him. Today, since mommy was away, we decided to have a little fun while eating. Not that eating with mommy isn't fun. That said, solid food eating is usually a very clean event. Today, I let the little monkey stick his fingers in the food a couple of times, and at the end I even let him put the spoon in his mouth. It was a little bit messy, but we cleaned up right after. Tomorrow, we will have the other half of the sweet potato. Maybe carrots the next day. He was not too fond of the Heinz carrots, so maybe he will like the Beechnut brand better.

Yesterday, we experimented by giving Parker a short nap in the afternoon instead of a long one in hopes that he would go to bed earlier. The result was him going to bed from seven until eight and then being up for another 90 minutes before going back to bed. To be honest, we were happy with that. Today, he napped for 90 minutes in the morning and is currently down for a 30 minute nap from 4:30p to 5:00p. Let's hope that he is really tired at 7:30p and will sleep through the night. When Parker was in isolation he would go to sleep around 6:30/7:00p and then sleep until 6am the next morning when he awoke for a feed. I guess with all the excitement here at home the extra stimulation makes it hard for him to nap. I will definitely let everyone know how it went tomorrow.

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Natalie said...

Hi There Parker Poo!

It is so nice to see you enjoying your veggies! They are so good for you...I have to eat more of them myself! I just had a nice talk with your Mommy!

I hope that you are enjoying this hot day! Have you gone for a little swim yet I wonder. I think you will love swimming! Have a wonderful day little man!

Auntie Natalie & Uncle David xoxo