Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yummy Vegetables!

Parker had his first taste of food that was not cereal or formula today. Parker had sweet potato. We figured that he would enjoy the sweetness of the sweet potato, and he did. I don't normally do the cereal feeds, or the formula feeds for that matter. Whenever, I try to give Parker his cereal, he does not volunteer to open his mouth when the spoon comes, but today it was a different story. As soon as the spoon got close to his mouth, he opened wide. If feeding Parker is going to be this easy, I am going to do it as often as I can!

It is sort of like changing his diaper. I always try to change Parker's diaper as often as possible. That said, I always make sure to take a quick smell first. If there is something that smells a little disturbing I try and see if I can put it off until my wife is close by. She will notice the smell, and will change him right away. That way it looks like I do my share of diaper changes. I figure that if feeding the little monkey is going to be easy when I do sweet vegetables, I might as well take advantage of it.

Parker had half a jar of the sweet potato and will have the other half tomorrow. If tomorrow goes as well as today, then we will probably try the other orange vegetable on Saturday. Carrots are probably very sweet as well. They say that the order of vegetables are orange, yellow, then green. To change the texture of his vegetables we will eventually add a bit of his cereal in it.

Parker has clinic tomorrow. That will mean another enzyme injection. Unfortunately, Parker is going to be getting an I.V. tomorrow to top up his IgG level. An extra two hours at Sick Kid's. In the past, Parker had to get his I.V. in his head but we are hoping that his veins are large enough in his hands that they will not have to use his head tomorrow. I feel terrible for the little guy. Let's hope that this will be the last time he will need to be given an IV for his IgG.


Uncle Mikey said...

Hi Parky,
MMMMmmmmm! Sounds like you enjoyed your veggies. I wish Jacob loved them as much as you do. He's more a meat boy. You are getting so big! Before you know it, you'll be crawling all over the house and mommy and daddy will have to chase you everywhere.
Good luck at the hospital today. Hope it goes by fast! Miss you. Maybe we'll see you this weekend!
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xo

Stacia said...

Oh Parker!!! Check out those handsome GREAT BIG BABY-BLUES!!!

Just like your mama's! :)


Kyle said...

Hey Parker!

Just wanted to say a quick hello!! You're lookin' as cute as ever! Have a great weekend and GO ITALIAAAA!!

Love, Kyle & Josephine