Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Something A Little Easier on the Brain

Okay, I apologise for making everyone work today by having you read the article on the white blood cells from yesterday. Today, I promise to take it easy on everyone.

Parker went to get his enzyme injection today, in addition to getting some blood work done. Recall, that Parker gets his enzyme injections every Tuesday and Friday, gives blood on Tuesday and has Clinic on Friday. We were hoping when we got his numbers from his blood work it would show us that he was making his own IgG and would not have to get another infusion of them in the next week. Unfortunately, if Parker is making them, he is not making them fast enough and as a result his IgG level is down from last week. Parker will be getting an IV either Friday or next Tuesday to top up his IgG level. That would most likely be the last time he would have to get them.

The rest of Parker's numbers are generally unchanged from last week. They are all lower from last week but nothing to be concerned about. Next week they could be relatively unchanged again, but on the higher side.

Parker has continued to eat around 900 mL to 1000 mL of formula each day. We have come accustomed to that now, and do not expect anymore from him. Parker has moved to two cereal feeds each day. Barley, oats, or rice cereal are the three types he has. To be honest, I do not think he is too fond of the barley cereal. Whenever I try and feed him we generally just make a big mess. I have to make him laugh to get him to open his mouth for the food. When my wife does it, he opens up wide whenever she brings the spoon near his mouth. I decided to let him play with his spoon and bowl after a feed yesterday in hopes that he got more used to them.

A strange thing happened yesterday. Parker realised that he has fingers at the end of his hands. I mean it will stop everything he is doing to look at his hands and twiddle his fingers. We were at my parents yesterday and we brought Parker and his JollyJumper and while he was watching the backyardigans as he bounced up and down, he would stop every a few minutes to look at the back of his hands. He did it all day today as well. Then as we were putting him to bed he started to do the same thing with his feet too. Now that he has discovered his fingers he is holding objects much firmer now.

I can't end the article without mentioning how happy I am that Italy has made it to the finals in the World Cup. Parker and I were watched the second half together. Me while I worked in the kitchen and he as he sat in his Exersaucer. Parker's eyes were glued to the television. When Italy finally scored in extra time Parker was in his JollyJumper jumping away, when I yelled "He Scores!". Parker was so scared that he cried. I felt so terrible I ran to him and picked him up and gave him a big hug. A few seconds later he was jumping while Italy made it 2-0.

Thank you to everyone who visits Parker's site regularly. Please let your family and friends know of our site so that Parker may be a part of their lives too.

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Uncle Mikey said...

Dear Parky!
We're so happy that Jacob got to see you on the weekend. We had a lot of fun watching you jump in your jumper and check out your hands now and then while watching TV. You're so precious! We can't believe how long you can jump for!
I'm sure you were as excited as we were that Italy won! VIVA ITALIA! Keep giving your positive energy to Italy and they're sure to win the World Cup.
Love you lots!
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xoxo