Sunday, July 30, 2006

What A Great Day For A Picnic!

We had the Picnic today at Wildwood Park in Mississauga. As I had mentioned, my mother and Nonna were born in a small town in Italy called Ceprano. When my mother was only six years old she along with the rest of her family came to Canada. Around that same time many others from that same village came to Canada and made a home in the Toronto area. As a result, they created a social club so that the members of their village had a place to meet. Each year, the Ceprano Social Club holds a picnic with a Mass on a Sunday in the summer. This year, they decided to dedicate the picnic to our little boy Parker.

Everyone had an absolutely wonderful day. The Mass was in Italian so I got to try and make out some of the words I have been learning. The thing about learning a new language for me is that I recognise alot of the words I just don't know what they mean. After the Mass, all the different famililes gathered around their picnic tables and ate all of the great Italian food that they had brought. Then, one delegate from each table would bring a large bowl to a centralised area where some of the men from the social club were cooking extremely large pots of sauce and pasta. Just like anything else Italian I have ever been too, I definately did not leave hungry.

Later in the afternoon, there was a Bocci Ball tournament. My partner and I had a very important match right from the beginning of the tournament. We were pitted against my father and brother, who were extremely confident after all of the American bowling they have done in the past years. It took no more than fifteen minutes for my partner to rack up twelve consecutive points to win 12-0 and move to the next round. I am not one to rub a little victory in someone's face but what good is beating you dad and brother if you can't gloat a little. The next game was a little more difficult as we had to face last year's champions. I guess you can't win all of the time.

My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves at the picnic and are hoping to bring Parker next year with his new and improved immune system.

I spoke with a woman from CFRB this afternoon, and she asked me if I would go on the Ted Woloshyn show. I am scheduled to go at 6:50am during the morning rush hour for a three minute slot. If you are up then have a listen. If not, maybe I can get the sound bite for you to hear shortly.


Uncle Mikey said...

Dear Parky,
What fun we all had at the picnic yesterday. We can't wait for next year when you'll be able to join in the all the fun! There was so much to do.
Too bad we missed your daddy on the radio this morning...we'll have to hear it later!
The next big event is coming up and we'll all be there in your honour having a great time with all our family and friends.
Love you Parker! See you soon.
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerpants!!!

How are ya little man??? Sorry I haven't written in a while, but it's been a little hectic around here. I'm really glad to hear that your picnic went well. I'm sorry I missed out on all that yummy food! Pasta's my faaaavourite!!! It's good to see that you're still getting big and strong. Anyway, hopefully when I get back from Halifax, Uncle Michael and I can see you soon.

Love ya lots and lots!!
Auntie Kate xo