Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rash Is Getting Better

I am pretty sure that Parker's rash is improving. Although, I cannot confirm that it is a heat rash, we are all pretty sure that is what it is. It has definitely not completely gone away yet, but the red dots are much less prominent. The rash around his ears and in the folds of his neck have also diminished quite a bit. I am guessing that the corn starch and lack of clothes we have been putting on him have been helping. We will be heading down to Sick Kids tomorrow for Clinic and they will look at it for us again. I would be very surprised if they had the dermatology team look at his rash now, but I would definitely not be against it.

I put Parker in his Jolly Jumper this morning after a couple of days of not being in it. With Parker not wearing any clothes except for his diaper we did not want to irritate his skin with the support system for the Jolly Jumper. This morning we have him in a one piece outfit that his loose around the neck in hopes that it does not cause him to sweat. As soon as he has his next diaper change he will be going diaper and booties only.

I must say that my son is getting taller. Those of you that remember some of his images from earlier will notice the purple pads under his feet while he is in Exersaucer. Parker no longer needs the purple pads as his feet touch the ground completely. We were told by the occupational therapist that it is important that their feet are flat on the ground when they are in their Exersaucer as it will cause problems when they learn how to walk otherwise. Yesterday, I noticed that Parker not only had his feet flat on the ground but his knees were slightly bent. Maybe he is going to be tall like his Nonno and Granddad.

Parker's Journey, a benefit dinner for Parker, is going to be taking place on August 18th in Woodbridge at La Primavera Ballroom. It is going to be an excellent event. There have been so many people working on it. We want to get as many people out to the dinner as possible so please check the right side bar at the top for some information about the event. Later today I will be posting an article dedicated to the event to give everyone some more information about what it entails. So please come back later today to read about Parker's Journey. Get your tickets early as we want to make sure that the event sells out. We have over 150 tickets left for sale so please get yours soon.


Uncle Mikey said...

Hi big guy!
We're so glad your rash is getting better. Hopefully by the weekend, it will be all gone!
We can't wait for your benefit dinner. It'll be lots of fun and I know we'll be able to sell all the tickets for it.
Missing you lots and lots,
Love Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xoxoxoxoxo

Natalie said...

Hi Mr. Parker Pants!

It is good to see you today! You look so cute as always! I am glad that your rash is getting better...with this heat I am sure that it is a heat rash...I am glad that you are seeing the doctors again tomorrow to make sure!

Give your Mommy and Dadday a big hug and kiss for me!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxo