Monday, July 10, 2006

Stop With The Gasping Already!

Okay, I am pretty sure it is nothing to be concerned about but it sure is nerve racking listening to him gasp for air. Now, he only does it when his mouth his closed. And he does not look distressed at all when he is making the noise. I know if I were gasping for air I would definitely look freaked out. I had mentioned that he does it when he is laughing, but he just recently started doing it when he is having his bottle. Yesterday, Parker's Nana counted his respitory rate for a full minute and recorded 33 breaths per minute. Today, after Parker's walk we counted 35 breaths per minute. So, he does not seem to have a problem breathing when he is resting. It only seems to be when he is playing or eating. We spoke with the clinical nurse for immunology today to let them know of the sounds he was making and asked if they could check it out tomorrow at the hospital.

On a less stressful note, I took some pictures of Parker in his crib yesterday morning. When he gets up at seven in the morning and does not want to go back to sleep I usually put him in his Exersaucer for some play time. I figured I would take advantage of his cuteness by taking some pictures in his crib while he hung out on his tummy. The kid knows he is cute so he always plays it up for the camera.

Parker tried carrots for the first time today. Another orange vegetable. Remember, it's orange yellow and then green. I wonder where red comes into the picture? I am not sure if he really enjoyed his carrots. He did make quite a mess of them. Right now we are using the Heinz bottled baby food, but I think I will be making his food eventually.

Let's all hope that his IgG level is up tomorrow and the gasping sounds are nothing.

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Natalie said...

Good Morning Little One!

I am sure that your little gasping noises are an experiment with sound...but Parker Poo you must stop scaring your parents with your new sounds! You little Monkey!

It is so nice to see your peaceful face waking up in the morning! I hope that you enjoy this sunny day and that your hospital report is the best one yet!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxox