Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Difference Between Wants and Needs

Each day I thank the Lord for having such a wonderful little boy named Parker. I think back to when I found out my little boy had "Bubble Boy Disease" and I remember how terrible I felt and I recall being able to differentiate between the things that are really important in life and the things that most of us try and accomplish in life.

A loving family, caring friends and theirs along with my health are things that I am definately thankful for. These are these things that I truly find important in my life. I have learned that you must focus on the big picture and that is something I have tried to in the past six months. My son is currently healthy, developing very well, as he awaits for a date to take part in the Italian study. This is what I think about as each day passes. I know that keeping my son healthy and my family in good spirits is what is going to make his treatment successful.

I know that we have quite a few people who populate this site and if there is one thing that I can pass on to you it is the following, when you find yourself overwhelmed and bothered by the stresses of everyday life, ask yourself what is truly important. I know that this is not the easiest thing to do. I know people close to me that have difficulties in doing that. I have gone through times where I was unable to do that. But I know deep in my heart what is important and for that it makes life easier for me to cope with.

When Parker was on the eighth floor there were many cancer patients on the floor. Many of their parents were very close to us while we were there as they were our most effective support group. They were going through very similar experiences that we were. During that time we met a little girl named Grace who had a brain tumor. She got to leave the eighth floor before Parker as her treatment seemed to have been successful. About a month ago we saw Grace and her father at the hospital after receiving some horrific news. Grace is currently at home with her two loving parents. They spend every waking minute with her, making her last moments with them as comfortable as possible. I read Grace's mother blog today for the first time in a long while and it helped me recall the difference between the things that we want and the things that we need. Please check out their site. If you do believe in a higher being I ask you to say a prayer for Grace and her family.

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Natalie said...


I am very moved after reading your message today. You are so right that it is so very important to remind ourselves often what truly is important in life. I just looked at the blog about your special friend Grace and I am so very, very sorry to read the sad news today. Please express my heartfelt condolences.

With much love,
Natalie xoxo