Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mobile Monkey

As I had mentioned very briefly in my last post CityTV have moved Parker's spot to another time next week. The reason is quite obvious, they need to focus on the shootings in Montreal. Thinking about it, I think having it next week actually works better. Why? Well, they shot the footage today at the hospital, I gave them Parker's web page to look over as well as some high quality images that they may use as well as some information about an upcoming fundraiser that my friends from my old high school (Pope John Paul II) are doing. So, when they do do the story, it should be a very good one. In addition, tomorrow will be the two weeks that Cadbury said it should take for the Bubble Boy commercial for Dentyne Ice to come off the air. We saw the commercial yesterday so we know that it is still out there. If we here that it has been on past the two weeks they told us, then I am pretty sure that CityTV would be thrilled to do a story on that instead. So, if you do see it over the weekend, please let us know.

Parker has decided to take an interest in rolling as well as getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. I know that the latter is a prelude to crawling so I figured that I should give Parker the same opportunities that other infants his age have. Up until recently we have confined Parker to his "ABC mat" in his room. Yes, we vacuum his carpet each day, but we do walk on it whenever we enter his room. With that, we have decided to purchase slippers that are meant only for his room. Anyone that enters his room now puts on a pair of one of the four pairs of slippers that are outside his door. Now, that we are not afraid of him being on the carpet, Parker is free to roam around his room. Whether it be by rolling, or dragging himself Parker is now a mobile monkey.

We also purchased an "ABC mat" for the main floor in the family room. This way he may sit on the ground and play with his toys when we are not upstairs in his room. We do spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen or in the family room so being able to let him sit and roll downstairs is a nice change. We are pretty sure that Parker will be starting to crawl in the next couple of weeks and are definitely looking forward to that new challenge.

Lastly, we picked up a new video for Parker to watch. Yes, Parker watches television. I am not one of those parents that think television is taboo for their infant. Anything in moderation is okay and I am the one who gets to choose what he watches so no worries there. The video we purchased is from a series called BrainyBaby. It is similar to Baby Einstein but to be honest, I seem to like this series a little better. The specific video is called Left Brain and is suppose to inspire Logical thinking. As I mentioned, the series is very similar to Baby Einstein but it does give us parents some choice. So, check out their website to see what they have to offer.

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Natalie said...

Hi There Parker Poo!

It is good to see you again! You look like you are having such a fun time with your Mommy and your Grandma! I am glad that you are liking your new video!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend little one! It is going to be a beautiful weekend!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxo