Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Parker to be on CityTV

As the title says, Parker should be on the six o'clock news this coming Thursday. CityTV had contacted me a couple of weeks ago in regards to promoting a fundraising event that my Uncle and Aunt are putting on for Parker. They called me today and asked if it was okay that Anne Mroczkowski interview us on Thursday before we get Parker's ADAGEN injection. We have a wedding to attend on the Friday and for that reason Parker is going to receive his enzyme injection on Thursday afternoon instead of Friday morning. The RamaRun event that is being put on this weekend is fully booked but they were still very interested in doing a story on our son. We have already been on CityTV twice, but never on a weekday during primetime. We are definitely pleased about being able to let more people know about Severe Combined Immunodeficiency and the work that is being done with gene therapy.

I had mentioned yesterday that we were having some difficulty getting Parker to bed at night. That was definitely not the case tonight. Parker fell asleep quite quickly this evening. By the time I come home from doing a few errands at 8:15pm my wife was already on the main floor Lysol wiping all of the door handles. This normally gets done every couple of days I guess. To be honest, my wife is the cleaning machine around here. She has always liked to stay busy by cleaning. You know those people who when they get angry go and clean the shower or bathtub? That is my wife. (Side note: Parker is crying, I think he needs to burp - Ahhh... I hear Blue Christmas playing... He is quiet again.) So, sometimes it is difficult to keep up with her on what she has cleaned because she always seems to be cleaning something.

Parker got to try feeding himself finger-food today. The little stars are similar in size to Cheerios but are made by Gerber and melt in his mouth rather quickly. We figured it was time to see if the little guy could use his finger and thumb together to grab small objects. Parker did extremely well, and if his fingers were not so wet from placing them in his mouth, the little stars would have probably not have stuck to them so often. He got a couple of them into his mouth to eat, but for the most part it my wife would pull them off his saliva covered fingers and place them in his mouth. He would then proceed to figure how to eat them. He ended up eating about four or five and the rest ended up either on him, his chair or on the floor beneath him. We have decided that he can play with those each night after dinner instead of the linkaroos attached to his highchair.

I am very happy to see that so many of you have already cast your vote for Parker's Weekly Poll. If you have not as of yet, do so now on the right sidebar and let us know how frequently you visit Parker's site. The fact that I have seen that so many people come at least once a day has made me feel too guilty to not write an article every day the past few days.


Stacia said...

Hiya Parker Cutie!!! I say it all the time...but you really do get cuter every single day!!!
I will tune into the Toronto City tv news on Thursday (instead of our usual Ottawa news)!!! Can't wait!!!

Keep smilin Champ!!!!

Natalie said...

Hello My little Parker Poo!

It is so nice to see you with your Grandpa! You both look so peaceful and comfortable with each other!

I will be sure to turn into City TV on Thursday night Parker Pants!
I hope that you enjoy your spotlight...more people will get to see how very, very sweet you are!

Auntie Natalie