Monday, September 18, 2006

Spanish Anyone?

As usual, I have a few things that I am going to share with everyone. First, I want to thank everyone who either called me or e-mailed me about the Dentyne Ice commercial last night. Apparently, it was on Global during Family Guy last night. It definitely made it easier when we spoke with Cadbury today. The commercial was to be pulled from television no more than two weeks from when we spoke with them. That would have meant the last time we would have to worry about this terrible commercial would have been the Friday that just passed. When the woman at Cadbury spoke with us today she was surprised that the commercial was still being aired on Global. After speaking with her for a second time today, we were informed that the commercial would not be on television after today and she would definitely be watching to make sure that it isn't. As I mentioned yesterday, if anyone does see the commercial, please let me know as my wife and I do not watch television very often since Parker was diagnosed.

On a lighter note, Parker and his daddy have been working on his crawling, as well as getting into a crawling position from sitting and vice-versa. I am not completely positive of what Parker is trying to do, but I think he is attempting to get to a crawling (tummy) position by rocking over his feet. That would mean by crawling over his feet. I have been placing Parkers hands to the side so that he gets used to having to hold himself up from this position. By doing this, I think it should help him in both going from sitting to crawling and from his stomach to a sitting position.

Once on his stomach, Parker has started to learn that he must alternate moving his left arm forward with his right arm to crawl. We are starting to accomplish this by me alternating moving his legs behind him in a crawling motion. Today, he actually started moving his arms and hands correctly. I am sure after a few days he should get much better at this motion. Now, I am not sure how much Parker enjoys doing his exercises with his dad, but he definitely yelled "MaMa" very loudly while I was pushing his legs from behind. My wife was quite pleased, and so was I, but I am not sure if he knows the difference between "Mama" and "Baba". Regardless, it was nice to hear.

Lastly, I guess I should touch on the title a little bit. My nephew Jacob, who just had his first birthday a couple weeks a go really enjoys the baby food by Heinz that contains real pieces of rice and whole peas in it. It is geared for eight month old infants and above. Now that Parker is finally eight months old we decided to let him try some chicken paella, a Spanish classic. I tried it first thinking it would be a nice change from the other foods he eats. Very bland. The big question is, how did he like it? To be honest, I have never seen Parker display such a look of disgust in my life. That said, Parker and daddy carried on with the feeding. He was no more pleased with the last bite of the chicken paella than he was the first. That said, I have a philosophy about new foods. I always try something three times before I decide I don't like something. To be honest, the first time I had sushi I was mortified by the taste and texture. But by the third time I was really enjoying it. Now, I love it. I have yet to find something that by the third time I have tried it I do not enjoy it. With that, Parker can expect some more chicken paella tomorrow for lunch!

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Natalie said...

Hey There Parker! are almost crawling! What a big, strong boy you are! I cannot wait to see you moving all over the place Parker Pants!

I hope that you enjoy your chicken paella dish a little bit more tomorrow. I am sure that it will grow on you the more you try it...if not now than maybe when you are older when it has a little bit more spices! I think the spices are what makes most food yummy! At least I like food a little spicy! Maybe as your Grandpa says you are a man after my own spicy heart!

Lots and Lots of love little one,
Auntie Natalie