Thursday, September 21, 2006

Leap Frog

So, Parker and I have continued to spend time working on getting Parker to move around his room. As I mentioned in an earlier post, for now he pretty much rolls wherever he has to go. That said, he does move to his hands and knees quite regular as he rocks back and fourth as he tries to find a way to move himself in the positive direction. For the most part Parker finds himself doing the exact opposite. As he rocks back and forth he eventually overcomes the static coefficient of friction (there is my physics degree coming through) and finds himself moving backwards. That said, in the past day I have noticed Parker creating a larger enough force in the positive direction by pushing forwards with his knees and legs that he actually jetisons himself over his hands just like you would see a frog do. At least Parker now knows what it feels like to go forwards.

It being Thursday, Parker received the last of three Septra intakes for the week. Recall, that Parker receives 3.8 mL of Septra on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for precautionary reasons. Septra combats PCP pneumonia, one of the worst forms of pneumonia. There are other medications that do the same things but Septra is the most effective. Before Parker started receiving his ADAGEN injections, Parker was neutropenic. This may have been attributed to the Septra and for that reason he was taken off of Septra and placed on a different medication. Once the injections were started and Parker's neutrophils returned Parker was once again placed on Septra. Although we were a little worried about Parker becoming neutropenic again, it was decided that Parker's neutrophils would be closely monitored to see if they were affected by the Septra. With Parker going home in the next few days we wanted to make sure that he had the greatest chance of staying healthy prior to going to Italy. That said, being neutropenic would exclude Parker from participating in the gene therapy trial in Italy.

I have been contemplating creating another video of Parker for the website. I have been quite bad about staying up-to-date with that section of the page. I don't like making excuses for why I don't do things, so I will definitely not bore you with any. I can guarantee everyone that you can expect a couple of new videos in the next few days. I have the video with Parker crawling over the pillow that I made over a month ago and never placed on the website, and I was thinking of making a couple more with Parker in his Jolly Jumper and moving around his room. So, stay tuned and watch for these in the next few days.


Allyson said...

Ok Parker-seriously-you get more and more handsome everyday! I love coming to this site to read all about your adventures! It is a highlight of my day! You can tell your mom(and dad) have fun dressing you-you have such awesome clothes! Love the orange jacket and matching hat-you are a doll!
Take care-Allyson

Stacia said...

Parker!!! Sound like you are keeping mommy and daddy VERY busy!!! Just imagine when you master the crawling...and better...WALKING...AHAHAHAH LOOK OUT!!!

OK, you have a good evening tonight!!!

HUGSSSSSSS xoxoxoxox

Stacia said...
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coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerpants!!

This whole crawling thing is pretty exciting! Forward or backward I'm sure you'll have perfected this new way of travelling in no time!!! I'm looking forward to your video! Your Daddy always does such a great job on this site!!! Uncle Michael and I love you very much!

Love ya lots and lots,
Auntie Kate xo

Natalie said...

Good Morning Parker!

Wow...playing leapfrog already! You are such a smart little cookie! I cannot wait to see your next video!

I love your fashion sense! Everytime I see another picture of you I want to give you a great BIG HUG!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxo

Uncle Mikey said...

Dear Parky,
Wow, don't you look so cute in your outfits! You've changed so much over the last couple of months-you look like a BIG boy now! Soon, you'll be crawling all over your room. That'll be so much fun for mom and dad to chase you.
Keep busy sweetie! All your hard work is going to pay off!
Love you!
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey