Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fun at Rama

Yesterday my Aunt and Uncle (who happen to be my God Parents) and 53 others hopped on a bus that they rented and made their way to Casino Rama. My Uncle Benny and Aunt Carol with the help of my cousin Jennifer had been planning a fundraiser titled RamaRun for some time now. On the bus ride there they showed a video of Parker so that everyone could see my little boy. After speaking with my mother this morning, she informed me that everyone had a wonderful time and the event was a definite success. My wife and I are extremely thankful to my Aunt, Uncle and cousin for organizing such a wonderful event for Parker.

There are a couple more fundraisers that are taking place in the next few weeks. One, is Pub Night that is being put on my the High School that I attended, Pope John Paul II and the other is a 100km/50km bicycle trip in Brampton by two friends of mine with the help of their church and many of their friends. Information for both the Pub Night and the bicycle run can be obtained on the right side bar. We would love for as many people to take part in both. We are extremely appreciative of everything that everyone has done for us. The love and strength that we pull from our family and friends plays a vital roll in our ability to stay strong through this very difficult time.

I received a phone call from my brother and his wife last night and they informed us that they did indeed see the Dentyne Ice - Bubble Boy add on television last night. We were promised that this commercial was going to be pulled from Canadian television by Friday. We will definitely be calling our contact at Cadbury on Monday morning. Depending on how that goes the theme of our CityTV segment may change to reflect our feelings about a commercial that mocks and degrades our son's disease.

On a much lighter and happier note, I thought I would tell everyone that we have chose a date for Parker to get baptized. Yes, we are Catholic and have chosen our son's faith until a time that he is able to do so himself. On October 1st, at my parents home and in their backyard we will have Parker baptized as a member of the Catholic church. A priest at my home Parish has agreed to come to my Parents to baptize Parker in front of close family and away from other children and people that we do not know. We have chosen Parker's God Parents and had them over for dinner last night so that they may see their future God Child. My cousin Kyle and his wife Josephine were overjoyed at the news that they would have Parker as their God Son and have really understood the importance of this roll. We have decided with Josephine and Kyle that they would give Parker an additional middle name as a part of the baptism ceremony. Parker Joseph DesLauriers will soon have another middle name to reflect his Catholic faith.

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Natalie said...

Wow Parker! You are going to have another middle name soon to celebrate your Catholic faith! So many exciting changes! I hope that you had a wonderful dinner with your soon-to-be Godparents! I bet that your Daddy made a delicious dinner!

I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful, warm, sunny day little one!

Auntie Natalie xoxox