Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Our Prayers Are With You

As I sit down at the computer this evening I cannot imagine having to write an article saying goodbye to my little boy. Yesterday, I had written about a family, whom we know, who's child's body was succumbing to cancer. Today, they wrote the message that I could not dream of writing. Little Grace's body died of cancer this morning. My heart goes out to her family. If you have not visited their site. I ask that you do so this evening. Please say a special prayer for Grace and her family.


Funny Face said...

Last night Craig and I read your article about Grace and then proceeded to go to her site. As I went to bed last night I could not get Grace and her parents off my mind...this morning I check right away to see how she was doing and again several times through the day until I saw the message as well. Kevin I want to thank you for bringing Grace into our lives for even a short time. She is a beautiful soul that will live on as a reminder to all how precious life is. I know for us tonight we watched a little longer as Elizabeth played and I stood over her crib tonight thanking god that we have been blessed another day with her.

as always our prayers and strength are with you three...and tonight also to Grace's family.

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Allyson said...

Very similar to what Laura wrote, I too read the site dedicated to Grace and just cried. My son is around the same age as she is and I literally just stopped. My heart aches for this family, what they have gone through and what they continue to go through. They are truly in my thoughts and prayers!

Natalie said...

Dear Kevin, Tracy and Parker,

You are all in my thoughts and prayers today. Grace and her family have been in my thoughts today with special prayers throughout. I cannot imagine the grief that they are feeling. This site continues to act as a reminder to us all about how very, very precious life is.

with much love,
Natalie & David xoxo