Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Story Time

I have always heard that reading to your baby is a great idea even if they do not understand what you are reading to them. It was something about them understanding how a story sounds. What a question sounds like, how you pause in the middle of a sentence and how your voice changes. Well, the past few days I have decided to read to my little guy as he rocks and rolls around his room. What do I read, you might ask? Well, computer books of course. I figure that if I am redesigning Parker's website I should at least do it with the newest technologies available. So, as Parker moves around his room he listens to the sounds of his father reading that famous fairy tale about Asynchronous Javascript and XML. I have to say that Parker really enjoyed his last story about Cascading Style Sheets and XHTML. Reading out loud is also a great way to learn, so if you haven't tried it, grab the closest eight month old, some textbook you need to get through and start reading.

Parker has really started to move around his room with some speed and agility. Maybe I see an athlete coming on. I know the Toronto Maple Leafs could use a few, for that matter so could the Blue Jays. Parker almost rolled right under his crib. He probably would have if I had not looked up from my book for a moment to see his legs under the crib as he tried to pull at the bed skirt hanging down from his mattress. Of course, I stopped the story, at the best part I might add, so I could move Parker back to the middle of the room.

I had mentioned that Parker was having some difficulty getting to sleep as of late. It was suggested that maybe he was being overstimulated before bed. Parker normally jumps in his Exersaucer to the Wiggles from 7:15p to 8:00p. We have recently moved his jumping time to 6:15p as we let him jump for forty-five minutes and then it is a half of an hour of crawling and playing with his toys as his daddy reads to him in his room. At 7:30 mommy comes by with a bottle and a not so intelligent story to be read before his feed. Does this work any better? Well, it is now 8:15pm and Parker seems to be asleep already. I guess it is working.

Parker had his enzyme injection today, as he normally would on Tuesdays. The difference today has to be the fact that our son is starting to become a lot more vocal with us and his toys. Not just yelling, but he is stringing together multiple sounds like ba, ma, da and ah. I am not really sure what he is saying but it is definitely nice to have him say something other than "Ahhhh!". Tonight, in his JollyJumper, I think he had a conversation with his toy lobster!

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Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

Wow! Reading textbooks with your Daddy...what a lucky boy! I bet that your Mommy reads you some stories that you love as well! I love books little one and I cannot wait to have a cuddle and a good read together!

You look like such a cute little monkey in all of your photos lately! You are such a sweetie!

I love you Parker Poo!

Auntie Natalie