Friday, September 29, 2006

Good Day At Clinic!

It being Friday, we had to head down to Sick Kid's to get his ADAGEN injection. In addition, Parker also got seen by the occupational therapist and the staff immunologist. I guess I should begin with his little meeting with his therapist.

It had been quite some time since the last time she saw Parker so she was definitely pleased to see him. Parker definitely put on a show for her. He showed her how he can sit, roll over, turn his body around to get at something while on his stomach, get up on all fours and rock back and forth. He also displayed his fine motor skills by using his finger and thumb to grab at things he wanted that were small. When daddy told him to get up on all fours, he did right away and then started saying "Dada". He laughed and smiled and when held in an upright position at the knees he was able to hold himself up using his core muscles. When he bent over at the waist, he made sure to get himself vertical all by himself. One of the main reasons for having the occupational therapist see Parker was to get some advice on getting him in to a sitting position from his tummy. As we all know, Parker is not a small little monkey, but when she supported his hips while he was on his side, he had no problem getting to a sitting position. She also assured us that Parker is trying to getting in a sitting position while he is on his tummy all by himself and should be there shortly. As for his crawling? What I have been working on with him in his room is exactly what I should be. I am definitely a proud father.

Next, we received Parker's T-cell marker test results today. This is the test that lets us know if Parker is capable of maturing T-cells in the thymus gland when the toxins have been removed. The results from August 23rd indicated that they were up dramatically from June 6th. Today's results were even higher. Below is a table that shows his results from the three different dates.
Parker's last three t-cell marker test results
DateHelper T CellsSuppressor T Cells
June 6th12113
August 23rd592232
September 26th685302

Lastly, Parker also got a visit from the staff immunologist. He was pleased to see Parker and thought in the three days since he last saw him that he looked even better. That said, he was concerned about Parker's length. According to the length measurement that was taken today (70 cm) we were told that Parker was at the 25th percentile for his length compared to being at the 75th percentile for his weight. As I previously mentioned, the apparatus that we use to measure his length is quite crude. The last three times we have taken his length it was 71.5 cm, 69 cm, and 70 cm in that order in a span of one month. In addition, the chart that I use to record Parker's length has revealed that he is at the 37th percentile for length if he is 70 cm, and at the 68th percentile for his length if he is at 72 cm. Quite the difference a couple of centimeters can make. Regardless, Parker will be having an x-ray done in the upcoming week to see if there are any problems with his skeletal system, a side effect of ADA deficiency.

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Natalie said...

Good Morning Parker!

I am so happy to hear that you did such a great job showing the doctors how you are doing! I am so proud of you!

As for your look perfect to me Parker Pants. I am so happy that your Daddy is so on top of everything! He makes sure all of your measurements are done correctly!

I love you Parker Poo!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxo