Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beep... Beep... Bump

I definitely feel motivated to write today with all of the comments I have been noticing lately. I know that many people have been having difficulty leaving messages with the new blogger but most of you have worked it out.

I noticed yesterday on the way to the hospital that my battery light was coming on in the car. I did make it home yesterday without a problem but I decided that I would take my car over to my best friend's tonight since her husband is my mechanic. They live only ten minutes from me but about half way there my radio went off followed by my signals, and then my headlights. A minute later I had quite a few lights lit up on my dashboard, but only for a moment. Why? Because it was then that all the lights went out and all my gauges stopped working. Regardless, I did make it there and in a day or so I will have my car back with a new alternator. Nana and Granddad came over to pick me up and were nice enough to lend us their car until I get mine back. I am sure glad I have Laura and Craig as friends.

I was thinking this morning as I gave Parker his Septra that I think the blackening on the one tooth may be decay due to the Septra. I always squirt it into that side of the mouth and I am pretty sure Parker does not lick his teeth clean after I give it to him. So, today I decided to give Parker his Septra on the other side of his mouth. I guess it would be easier if Parker co-operated a little more when I was brushing his teeth. I guess I cannot put sugar on his toothbrush.

Parker really enjoys spending time upstairs. He loves getting carted around on his Winnie the Pooh scooter and gets a kick out of using the posts to help him stand while he looks around upstairs or downstairs.

I decided that it might be a little easier to take Parker on rides around the upstairs if I were to tie a string to his scooter and pull him around. Parker is accustomed to daddy crawling behind him as he pushes him from room to room. Parker's balance is quite good and I have yet to see him even remotely look like he is going to fall off his scooter. For that reason, I have no problem pulling Parker around at a quick pace as we explore the upstairs.

As for the posts on the railing upstairs... Parker does take a beating once in a while. He is quite confident holding on to them with one hand as he looks around; however, sometimes he does lose his grip and bumps his face on one of the posts as he makes his way to the ground 75.5 cm below him. He usually cries until we pick him up and scold the post for being bad to Parker. Bad, bad post, we say. Parker laughs. The very next thing we do is let him try again. If you fall off your bike, it's best to get right back on. Parker is a tough guy. He is a monkey you know.

Well, the tough guy has head up to bed. The monitor is on and I have yet to hear a peep out of him so I think it is safe to say that he is still quite tired from yesterday.


nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Look at you standing there like a big man looking around.
Before you know it your Daddy will be running after you, when you are making your getaway on your Pooh rider.
Only 4 more days before Santa comes.
Stay Strong Big Guy!

Love you tons.

Nonno & Nonna

Nana said...

Those bad bad spindles - but you take it like the little man you are and keep right on standing up and holding on. We know how much you enjoy looking down between to see who is coming upstairs or to see what is going on downstairs. Mario Andretti has nothing on you the way Daddy zooms you around on the Pooh scooter.

Thank heavens Daddy made it to his friends house before his car totally konked out. I'm sure it was pretty scary, driving down the road while everything is shutting off.

Four more night sleeps and ho ho ho - he will be here.

We love you so very very much.

Nana and Granddad xoxo

funnyface said...


Elizabeth wants you to know she really loves her new baby and hummer truck. She thinks you did a great job picking them out and hopes you enjoy your gifts just as much.

Santa will be here is so exciting your first Christmas what a great time for you and your parents.

Take care!

Love you tons!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Uncle Mikey said...

Hey Parker,

Did you hear? Wells signed for 7 years with our beloved Blue Jays!! You may not think it's such a big deal now, but it's a step in the right direction to our return as World Champions. When you're feeling better, you, me, Jacob and your dad will head down and take in a few games...maybe we'll get Nonno to join us,(he's thier biggest fan)...and we can cheer them to another championship.

Take care big guy and get some rest. Your Auntie Christini and I are coming to see you on Sunday and if you let me, I'll pull you around on your Poo-Racer. See you soon.

Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christini and Jacob

Uncle Mark & Lynn said...

Now that is a cute face, we know where he gets that from :)

Stacia said...

Probably the last time i'll make it to check in on you until the holidays...
I love your pjs in the last post - HOW CUTE ARE YOU ?!?!?!?
I hope santa brings you everything you wish for...
You have a wonderful holiday little man!!! Hi to mommy and daddy :)
HUGS and Smiles,