Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Better Sleep

I know that I should have written yesterday or maybe earlier today, but I have been so busy lately with Parker and my studying that I could not find the time to write until now.

The past three nights Parker has slept right through the night. Okay, maybe not exactly. At least we did not have to get up during the night or during our wind-down time to put him back to bed. We have decided that if he does wake during the night and begins to cry or yell that we will give him a minute or so to calm himself down. It has worked. Of course, we can always tell if something is seriously wrong since we have heard pretty much every type of cry from him that is humanly possible. With that, we are much more rested. Well, if I decide to stay up late to watch CSI or a movie I am not as rested as I could be, but that has nothing to do with Parker!

The second thing that we decided to do -- well more me then my wife -- is remove Parker's early morning bottle from his feeding repitoire. We are not putting Parker on a diet, since no baby should be on a diet, but he does not cry for a bottle at 7am, he only wants to play. As a result, we play with Parker when he gets up and then give him his breakfast close to 8am followed by his first bottle around 10am.

I have to check when babies are supposed to start using a sippy cup because Parker is not that interested in one. We have even purchased a sippy cup that has a nipple on it in hopes that he may like it better. Regardless, he has chosen that he would rather have his formula from his bottle.

On a non-feeding note, Parker has started using the poles on the banister for holding onto while he is standing. He loves standing in the loft, holding on top the rails as he stares down smiling below. He has really gotten good at standing with support. He feels very comfortable in that position and I think that it may be his preferred position to be in. Today, while holding onto the ottoman in our bedroom he circled around it while standing as I moved the toy that resided on top. His legs are definitely getting stronger.

Lastly, I know that many people have heard me complain about blogger and even though they have made some improvements that are currently in the beta testing stage I continue to fight with it or at least their server on a regular basis. My latest complaint is that I have noticed that some of the members are no longer members. For that reason, if you notice that you have been re-invited to be a member of this blog please just click the link so you can continue to write messages.

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Natalie said...

Hi There My little Monkey,

I hope that you have been enjoying these last few days! It has been a very busy time gearing up for this most festive season! Your Uncle David and I went to see "A Christmas Carol" last night at a wonderful theatre downtown! I think you will love the story when you are a lttle older Parker Pants! I know how much you love good stories and books!

My students loved to see you looking at your special book that they made for you Parker! What a cutie-pie you are!

Auntie Natalie xoxox