Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Not Much to Report

It has been a couple of days since I last wrote and I do apologise for that. I have been quite busy the past few days and have been unable to write.

Parker slept through the night without waking up even once last night. We were very pleased because the past couple of nights have been a little more hectic. Parker is going through his sucky-pants phase and we think that is what was causing him to wake up throughout the night.

Parker's diaper rash has cleared itself up and we are happy for that. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be to have cream on your bottom all the time. I guess if you are used to it you can live through it.

Parker has to have his Septra shortly so I am psyching myself up for that as I write the article. To be honest, giving Septra is not nearly the chore that it used to be. When I took over giving Septra from my wife a few months ago it was because it was a regular occurrence for Parker to gag on his Septra and sometimes even choke on it. Now, it is two squirts during the previews of the Backyardigans and we are done. I usually let him watch the Go, Go, Go video a couple of times afterwards before turning the television off. Last time I checked we will have to go to Shopper's Drug Mart to order a new bottle of Septra as this one's contents are diminishing.

I do apologise for not having more to write today but fortunately or unfortunately, I have nothing more exciting to say. With that I bid everyone a good day and please visit tomorrow when I promise to have a better article waiting for you to read.

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Natalie said...

Hello Little One,

Please tell your Daddy not to worry about his short article...there is no pressure to write a big one everyday! We all enjoy reading anything about you!

I hope that you are having a day full of learning and fun - you deserve it!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxox