Friday, December 15, 2006

Eleven Months - Big Boy!

Wow, posts in back to back days. I feel bad that I do not do this as regularly as I used to.

Most of you have probably noticed the subtle differences in this site by now. First, the colour scheme is different using blue instead of green. The second thing that you may also have noticed is the way the archive now works. Yes, it tells you how many articles I have written in an given month, but it also allows you to drill down into a month by clicking on the arrow beside the month. What does drilling down do? Well, it will display the articles for that month and let you choose a particular article to go back and read instead of having to search through a particular month of articles. Other than that, the rest of the changes affect the publisher of the blog, which would be me.

Today being Friday, we took a trip down to Sick Kid's so that Parker could get weighed in for the week and receive his ADAGEN injection. With Parker gaining 0.75 lbs last week we figured that his weight gain this week would be very small or non-existant at the most and we were right. Parker weighed in 10 grams less than less week. Which in the grand scheme of things is what we expected and is really no different than his weight last week.

Something else is exciting today. Parker turned 11 months old today. One more month and he is going to be a year old. It honestly just feels like yesterday that Parker was born. My wife and I, along with Parker watched the video that I took when my wife went into labor. We also watched a video that I made with Parker and his stuffed animals before he was diagnosed with ADA deficiency and was living in the General Paediatrics ward in late February.

For those of you who we have not told yet, Parker will be going in for an IV on Tuesday to get his IgG topped up. We, with the doctors have chosen to do this instead of getting Parker vaccinated since it is a reliable line defence and he would have to get re- vaccinated after his gene therapy anyways. We have not had much luck with Parker and IVs. In the past, he did not have the greatest veins for IVs and it was always quite the ordeal for him to get one put in. Everyone is usually quite upset by the end of it. Let's hope that it goes better then it has in the past.

Mom is currently putting Parker to bed. We thought it was going to be difficult since he was quite stimulated before bed but I have yet to hear a peep through the baby monitor. My wife has me turn it on when I come downstairs so I can hear her if she is calling me.

Wait a minute...

Silly me, I forgot to put on the baby monitor. Just did. It seems quiet upstairs so I guess everything is okay. I guess she will figure it out when she proofreads my article for today. Have a great weekend, and if you are celebrating Hanukkah, Happy Hanukkah.

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Natalie said...

Hi There Parker!

Happy 11th month birthday! Soon the big one-year day will be upon us! I cannot believe how quickly a year goes by! You are so loved little one and I hope that you know that we love to hear about all of your accomplishments!

I tried to leave you a little note to your Daddys last blog but it would not let me...I hope that this one works so you will know that I am thinking about you every day!

Enjoy this beautiful sunny Saturday!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie