Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy Weekend

I have picked the images for the article and I know what I want to write about; so, I have sat myself down at the computer to write today's article. The good thing about taking a couple of days to write an article is that there is usually something of substance to share.

I shall start by talking about the events that occurred to Friday. As most of you are aware, Parker receives his ADAGEN injections every Tuesday and Friday and this past Friday was no different. A couple of things occurred that are worth mentioning. First, Parker's weight. Parker gained 12 ounces this past week, three quarters of a pound. That brings Parker's weight to 11.475 kg or 25 lbs 3.92 ounces and places him not only at the 90th percentile for his weight, but also a number 5 diaper. Yes, we purchased number 5s yesterday for Parker at Walmart. Mr. Stinkerbobinker's poops have started to become a little difficult to maintain in the number 4 diaper so the change was necessary.

WIth Parker's weight increasing I wonder if it is going to have any hindrance on him starting to walk. Parker is a few days away from 11 months and loves to cruise and walk while he holds on to our hands. When I try to make Parker bear most of the weight himself while holding my fingers I can see his little (for the sake of a better word) legs wobble. I know that most babies would also be a little wobbly at the knees so I guess I will not worry too much about it.

Secondly, we were told by one of the immunologists that they were very pleased with Parker's reaction to being on the enzyme replacement therapy. His lymphocyte numbers are higher then the controls. What does this mean? It means Parker is doing better than expected. With this information, I decided to check a research paper I had on the "Long Term Effacy of PEG-AGA". It contains information about nine patients, including the highest values that the patients reached while being on PEG-ADA. I was happy to see that Parker, if compared to the nine patients would have higher numbers then all but two patients in both categories. The two patients that had greater numbers of B-cells were not necessarily the same patients that had greater number of T-cells. Again, I say this is important because we know that Parker is able to produce cells when given the opportunity to do so.

We did not spend our whole day at Sick Kids, but came home for the afternoon and evening so that we cold have Parker's Auntie Natalie and Uncle David over for dinner. Parker really enjoys his visits with his Auntie Natalie and we always enjoy a visit from our best friends.

Daddy decided to make a nice dinner for the six of us that consisted of Leek and Potato Soup, Stuffed Pork, Asparagus and Garlic Mashed potatoes with Gruyere Cheese. It was a wonderful dinner, if I must say so myself, but the time we got to spend with our friends was definitely the high-light of the evening.

Parker really enjoyed himself because he got some very special gifts from his Auntie Natalie and Uncle David. What was also really special was the gift the Auntie Natalie's grade one class made for Parker. Each student drew a picture and wrote a sentence for Parker that Auntie Natalie turned into a little book for him. In addition, they sang Old Toy Trains and gave it to him on a cassette for him to listen to. That was so sweet of them. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and Parker is so lucky as well.

Lastly, Parker got a visit from his Nonna and Nonno yesterday. Mommy and Daddy went out for a few hours while they babysat for us. Parker had a great time with them and showed his Nonna and Nonno how strong he is. Afterwards they stayed for Sheppard's Pie one of Nonno's favorite foods.


Natalie said...

Hi There Parker!

It was sooooo good to see you on Friday night! I am so glad that you liked your gifts! I will tell my students how much you liked your book from them. I hope that you will also enjoy hearing them sing a special song for you! They all love you so much Parker Pants! I cannot wait to show them the pictures of you! I still marvel at how much you are growing and was so exciting to see you in person!

Please tell your Daddy how much we enjoyed his wonderful dinner! It was so yummy! I bet that you will be a wonderful cook when you are older too Parker!

Have a wonderful day on this sunny day in Toronto!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxoxo

Allyson said...

Wow-sounds like you had a great week-end! Visitors, presents-it does not get any better! You look amazing Parker and I love all the pics of you around your tree! Enjoy!
Allyson and Beck!