Saturday, December 16, 2006

Overtired Monkey

I have noticed lately that the number of people visiting the site has dropped a little bit but I have decided that it is mainly because of the holiday season. This is the first Christmas and Hanukkah that the site has been up for so I really have nothing to compare it to. Regardless, I have decided to write an article today, and hope to not get into the rut of only writing every other day as it seems I had been doing.

I had to go out today and we decided that Parker and mommy would spend the time at Nanna and Granddad's as it was a short distance away from where I had to be. With Granddad and Nanna living in a new complex and with them not spending time around anyone that is sick we felt it would be okay for Parker and mommy to have a change of scenery.

From what I heard, Parker enjoyed himself; however, he was quite tired by the time I came to pick him up. His nap time had come and gone and the crib at Nanna's is not in working order. We were hoping to keep Parker awake until we got home (10 minutes) but unfortunately he fell asleep with under a minute to go. When we did get home, I picked up Parker and brought him upstairs to his crib. I was surprised he stayed asleep all the way to his room. When I got to his room and took off his boots, Parker remained asleep. Then, I placed him in his crib and started to undo his jacket. Parker remained asleep. Then, I pulled his arms out of his sleeves, first one and then the other. Parker still remained asleep. As I looked at Parker lying on his jean-jacket I figured I got this far without waking him; I should be able to pull the jacket out from under him. So I did.

Parker cried, and cried, and cried. In the next two hours, Parker polished off over 10 ounces of formula in hopes to relax him so he would fall asleep, but every time we was placed in his crib he would cry. The poor little guy was so overtired that he did not want to go to sleep and only wanted to be held. His poor little eyes were so droopy and red from crying. We left him to cry it out, but it did nothing.

As a result, we picked up Parker, threw his jacket on him and put him back in the car. Within two minutes the little monkey was asleep. We decided to spend the next 90 minutes doing errands so that he could sleep. Eventually, we ended up at my parents where they were having some family and friends over. We picked up some food to take home and everyone came to take a look at the little guys through the window. Yes, Parker woke up from his nap but it was to quite a few smiles. I am sure he did not mind at all.

It is now quarter to eight in the evening and Parker is just heading up to bed since he had a late nap. Let's hope that it won't be difficult for my wife to get the little guy to bed tonight.


Natalie said...

Hello My Little Monkey!

I hope that you enjoyed your great big ride in the car! Wow...90 minutes! A good nap for you!

I wonder if you were outside today enjoying this beautiful sunny spring day! Oh, did I say spring...I think I did....It is almost winter but wow it feels like spring!!

Your Uncle David just made me a delicious champagne risotto. My goodness Parker it was yummy! I think that he is going to call your Daddy tonight and tell him all the secret ingredients and then your Daddy can make it for you! I know you will like it...and do not worry about the champagne...I think all the alcohol burns up!

Lots of love little one,
Auntie Natalie

Natalie said...

Good Morning Parker!

I wanted to make sure that I can still send you little greetings from my work!

I hope that you have a wonderful day....I am sending you great big hugs and kisses!

Auntie Natalie xoxox

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerpants!!!

I just spoke with Santa, and apparently there are THREE lists! Naughty, nice..........and extremely, fantastically good! A lot of people don't know about the third list, but Santa mentioned that a certain Parkerpants is on it!! Way to go buddy! That means that not only is Santa going to grant you your present list, but he's going to go out of his way to look after you all year.........even in Italy!!! All your hard work this year has totally paid off!

I love you and miss you lots.

Auntie Kate xo