Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Septra and ADAGEN Day

So today is one of those days that we are definitely not too crazy about. Mommy gets daddy up around 8am (which sounds like sleeping in) so that he can give Parker his Septra. Parker does not enjoy his Septra as there is 3.8 mL of it and I am assuming that it does not taste the greatest. I told him to be weary of anything that is pink! There is definitely nothing pretty about pink when it comes to Parker's Septra. We usually throw the Backyardigans on and have Parker sit on my knee while I try and slowly give my son his Septra over ten minutes.

We got through it, as we usually do and now the little guy is down for his nap. We usually give him his cereal before his nap, around 8 in the morning, but Parker was definitely not too interested. He fought his mommy the whole way. To be honest, it had nothing to do with his mom, Parker was just extremely tired. Daddy tried too, but he got the same attitude. I usually will make sure that Parker knows that mommy and daddy make the rules but he was just so tired we decided to put him down for his nap.

We will be leaving for Sick Kid's in about 90 minutes so that the poor little monkey can give blood and get his ADAGEN injection. I always feel so bad when he has to give blood. It is so unfair for little Parker to have to go through all of this. He has already gone through more than most people do in a whole lifetime.

My three minutes on CFRB went very well yesterday. As soon as I get a copy of the clip I will post it on the site. The said that they were going to be putting the URL on the hosts homepage, but that still has not happened yet. I think I may have to make a call for that to happen.

Make sure to check in tomorrow to see how Parker's numbers turned up. If you have not already, vote for your favourite message in Parker's Weekly Poll on the right sidebar.

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