Thursday, August 03, 2006

Big Boy Car Seat

Parker has his first clinic since only having to go once every other week. I am not sure exactly how much the little guy is going to weigh, but if I had to make any educated guess I would say 18 lbs and 8.5 ounces. Parker has continued to show no sign of infection or illness so I am assuming that it will be a very short visit with the doctors. They will tell us how well he is doing, we will say he is a tough little guy and we will be on our way.

Parker has begun to eat larger meals recently. Today, I decided to mix pears with his rice cereal. He is quite pleased with that. He seems to enjoy the texture of fruit when it is mixed with cereal. His second meal of the day usually consists of two different vegetables and either pears or apples for dessert. It is definitely quite filling but the little guy takes after his dad. He really enjoys food. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think he just tries to get through the food so he can play with his spoon. Check out the images of Parker having fun with his spoon and cookie.

We have continued to work on Parker crawling over his Jolly Jumper pillow. It is so funny to watch him try and push himself over the pillow so he may get to the other side. To be honest, I am not sure why he is so excited to get to the other side, he just looks around when he gets there. As for Parker's sitting? I am still trying to get him to stay for a minute at a time without any support. He plays with his toys while he is seating and that sometimes throws him off balance.

It was time to purchase a big boy car seat for Parker. So, I made our way over to Mother's Choice in Scarborough where we had purchased Parker's stroller with his Nonna and Nonno before he was born. I still remember how I picked out his stroller. I made an obstacle course around the store and the stroller that I could push through the course in the quickest amount of time was the one we got. It ended up being the Peg Perego A3. It is definitely a great little stroller. When I out his new car seat I found a new "bubble" for Parker. I did not know that Peg Perego made a rain shield for their strollers, but apparently they do. His old rainshield/bubble had worn out and I was looking for a new one. This one is so much better. It is definitely not as fancy as the bubble that the kid on Seinfeld had when he played Trivial Pursuit with George, but is more spacious and has some good features.

Can you say tangent? I ended up going with the Britax car seat because it had the most safety features. To be honest, I had never heard of Britax before but the saleswoman showed me the differences between that and the one I was considering and as a result I decided to go with it. Of course, as soon as I got home I was on the Internet looking up the Britax Marathon carseat to see how it was rated and reviewed. I was not disappointed. I then placed the little monkey in the his new seat and he was very pleased. I still have to raise the straps up a bit but he was definitely more comfortable in that then his newborn car seat.

Lastly, Parker, mommy and myself want to wish auntie Natalie and uncle David a very special day tomorrow. Parker also want to say thank you to his auntie Natalie for always writing a comment for him. Mommy loves reading the comments and she never misses a day when she is home.


Uncle Mikey said...

Hi Parky,
Wow, you're already in your big boy car seat! You and Jacob are almost the same weight! Make sure you keep on eating lots of food. Wait til you get to eat meat and pasta...yum! We're so thrilled you are looking so great and healthy. I know your numbers are a bit low, but don't worry, they'll go back up again soon tough guy.
Good luck tomorrow at the hospital.
Love always,
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xo

Natalie said...

Good Morning Parker Poo,

Well little one you have already brought happy tears to my eyes this morning. Thank you so much for your well wishes...I am feeling excited, nervous, goose-bumpy all-in-one this morning! Can you believe it Parker Poo...I wish I could give you a big hug this morning!!!

I hope that your clinic at the hospital goes will have fun riding there in your new carseat!

I love you Parker Pants!

Auntie Natalie & Uncle David xoxo

P.S. Peaches and cereal together sounds yummy!!

Elizabeth said...

Well Parker it doesn't surprise me that you are already in your big-boy seat! When I was lucky enough to see you the other day just in your diapers - well, you are growing, baby! You are truly a handsome little man!

Love Elizabeth

Stacia said...

uummmmmmmm...i wanna come to your house for breakfast Parker!!!! Yay...Look at all the good food you get to eat!!!
Hope you and mommy and daddy have a GREAT weekend!!!!

Stacy and Brad