Monday, August 07, 2006

A Nice Long Weekend!

It was definitely a nice long weekend for our family. We had some very beautiful weather the past few days that we all enjoyed. Even Parker went for a little stroll yesterday. My parents have a beautiful pool and Parker's cousins go swimming quite regularly there. Everyone wishes that Parker was able to also join them in the pool but unfortunately that is not possible for a couple of reasons. First, the little monkey is not allowed to be around other kids so if his cousins are there he is unable to be. Secondly, a pool of water is generally not the safest place to hang out if your immune system is compromised. Even the cleanest of pools would contain quite a few bacteria floating around. So, as it stands Parker will have to spend this summer away from the pool. Learning to swim is something I will not be working with him at the moment. That said, sitting, crawling and communicating are, and for that reason I will focus my time on those.

Parker is very close to being able to sit all by himself. I alternate between him sitting unassisted and with him using the Jolly Jumper pillow. Parker has sat unassisted for a good two minutes at a time; however, I still feel uncomfortable leaving him by himself as he sits there playing with his toys. Although he lost his balance yesterday and bumped his head on his mat, he didn't seem to mind very much. Parker is definitely one tough kid.

We will heading off to Sick Kid's tomorrow for his blood work and ADAGEN injection. We were told last week that we should be able to reduce his blood work to once every two weeks. That would definitely be nice as it would mean one less poke every other week. Maybe tomorrow we will be lucky and his IgG level will be back up over 2.2. It had fallen to 1.9 and for that reason Parker is slated for an IV to increase his IgG level. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best as that is what my wife and I are getting very good at.

I am posting a new poll tonight. So check it out and vote for your favourite video of Parker. For those of you who are wondering what the result of the last poll was the message I wrote to my wife our first month in isolation was the winner by quite a few votes. It gathered over 50% of the votes by our readers. You can read it by clicking here.


Funny Face said...


I am so glad you all had a nice long weekend. Don't worry soon enough you will be swimming at Nonna & Nonno's pool with all your cousin's.
We can also hardly wait till next summer so you can come to our house to swim and play with Elizabeth. It will be so much fun!
Good luck today...hope your counts are up!

Love you!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Elizabeth said...

Hi Parker Darling!

Well just think - next summer, when you are almost a year and a half old and a big boy you can learn how to swim then in your Grandma and Grandpa's pool! You will show them all how it's done!

I am glad you are enjoying the summer in other ways, like going on walks with mom and dad and getting to enjoy the nicer weather that we are having!

I hope to see you soon and am looking forward to hearing that your counts are up!


Uncle Mikey said...

Hi Parky,
It looks like you really enjoy your cookies! ;)
Don't worry Parker, next year you'll be swimming with all your many cousins at Nonno and Nonna's pool. We can't wait for you to get all better.
In the meantime, work hard on all your other tasks and you'll be right on schedule, especially if daddy has anything to do with it!
We're praying extra hard that you're numbers go up again today.
Love you lots,
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xo