Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Parker is my Good Luck Charm

I woke up this morning at 6:45am and walked into Parker's room to find him lying perpendicular to his crib with his two legs dangling out, as he played with the music box that is attached to his crib. As I walked closer to him he turned his head and looked at me. Do you know what he did? He smiled at his dad. How can anyone have a bad day when you start your day like that. I smiled back at my little friend, freed his legs from the crib and laid him lengthwise. I rubbed his hair told him I loved him and that he should go back to sleep so mommy could get some rest. Daddy was going to try to get nine holes of golf in this morning.

I can't say I won, although it was definitely close, but I can say that what I used to consider a very stressful sport was not what I had remembered. My brother and I both have children now and our priorities have changed greatly since the last time we both played. My game contained three bad shots, my first one, and two into the water that ended up costing me the game. With the memory of my smiling little boy still fresh in my mind it was easy to realize what is important in life and to enjoy the morning for what it was, a couple hours of golf with a family who loves you.

I usually write from home but I came down to the La Primevera Ballroom where Parker's Journey is taking place to test the Internet connection. I figured I could write my article for today while my wife fed the little monkey. Yes, we decided to bring Parker with us, bubble and all to test the connection. He is sitting in front of me pulling at the straps of his stroller as I finish the article. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday at the benefit dinner. The martini bar opens at 6:30 and those who love antipasto the antipasto bar is open from 6p - 7:15p, while the dinner begins at 7:30p. I will definately be skipping lunch.

I purchased a couple domain names yesterday for when I move Parker's site off of blogger. It cost $20 and I figured it would be easier for people to remember. Give it a couple of months and and will be the links for Parker's website. At the moment it only says coming soon. I am really excited about being able to move Parker's site. For those of you who are curious we have had over 50,000 hits since we opened the site in March.

Lastly, the winning video from last week's poll is ... Parker Laughing at his monitor.


Funny Face said...

Good Day Parker....This is to your dad though...
What a great way to start the day Kev...I must agree nothing else matters when you have your children and the smile on their face....
Too bad on the golf but who cares when you have Parker to come home too. Many people could take a lesson from this...all that really matters is your family and their happiness...nothing replaces the smile on your child’s face or the excitement they have at every new thing they encounter.

Hoping tomorrow start just as good!

Love you guys!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Natalie said...

Hello My little Parker Pants!

Your Daddy is so lucky to see your smiling little face first thing in the morning! What a special treat to start the day. Your Daddy is absolutely right that the most important thing is life is being with those who love you and you love. Thanks for the reminder Kevin!

Love you Parker Poo!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxo

Uncle Mikey said...

Dear Parky,
It's so nice that your daddy got to play golf with uncle Mikey, Papa, and Nonno! Daddy did very well considering he hasn't played in ages. Good job Kev!

You're such a big boy now (7 months!!!) and playing by yourself in the morning will give mommy and daddy a little extra time to sleep.

We are so excited about your big benefit dinner tomorrow! We're all going to get dressed up for you and look our best.

Have a wonderful day sweetie!

Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xo

nonna said...

Hey Parker

I can just imagine the joy in your Daddy's heart when you smiled at him. I agree with you KevY there is nothing that can replace the feeling that you get when your children are happy.

I also have to tell you our morning conversation on the porch was how good Kev's game was yesterday. Parker, Nonno said that your Daddy played like he had never stopped playing!

Stay strong big guy.

Love you tons.

Nonna & Nonno

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerpants!

Big day tomorrow!! I think Daddy's probably got the right idea about skipping lunch. I'm really looking forward to a yummy meal!! It's nice to know you're still smiling.......especially after your big ordeal at the hospital. You're a brave little guy! Tomorrow's going to big a huge success, and we're going to take lots of pictures so that when you're older you can see how much everyone loves you.

Keep smiling buddy!
Auntie Kate xo