Monday, August 21, 2006

Play Time

Parker and I have decided on a new kind of game. Parker goes on his tummy at one end of his new play area and I lie on the carpet at the other end. See Parker has always liked holding the little round balls in his hands. If there is something he inherited other than the ADA and blue eyes from his mother it is his long fingers. So I at one end roll a ball lightly to my friend at the other. He smiles in anticipation as the ball creeps closer and closer to him. Sometimes I roll them to the right of him, sometimes to the left, and sometime I even roll it so it is just short of his reach. Regardless, each time the little monkey swipes at the ball ricocheting it to the side or if he is lucky he pulls it in to his body where he can bring it to his mouth with two hands. Last night, Parker had a difficult time going to bed. It was almost 10pm when my little friend finally fell asleep. At twenty after nine I called downstairs to let my wife know that Parker had no intention in sleeping. Instead, I introduced my wife to the game that we had been playing earlier that day. Twenty minutes later, after a very intense game of "roll the ball", Parker began to rub his eyes and we knew it was time for bed. It is just after ten this morning and I have already played "roll the ball" with Parker. There are some many reasons why this game is so good. The little guy has so much space on his mat that he tries to spin around, crawl and roll over. I think this will definately be the game that will help Parker finally get up off his belly and on to all fours.

It has been sometime since we have monitored Parkers food consumption. We used to always record his feeds in an Excel spreadsheet but discontinued that a few weeks a go. I figured it would be a good idea to record his feeds for a few consecutive days to see how he is doing. Parker is definately gaining weight at a record pace and the last thing I want is for him to get too chubby in comparison to his length. We will probably be doing a measurement of his length next Friday so we can check.

I am not sure if anyone caught CHIN TV yesterday to see how they reported Parker's Journey. I taped it and I must say that it was absolutely amazing. I will definately be trying to move it to the website along side the other interview I did with them. Give me time and you will have it. Again, thank you so much to CHIN and everyone who helped Parker's Journey raise over $25,000.

Some of you have already checked out the new poll. If you haven't vote today for the person you think that Parker most looks like.

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Natalie said...

Hello Parker!

I am so excited to hear about your new game! What a big boy you are to be playing ball already! Keep on having so much fun with your Mommy and your Daddy!

Once again, Friday night was absolutely beautiful. I am so happy that it was such a success!

I love you lots and lots Parker Poo!

Auntie Natalie