Friday, August 18, 2006

Parker's Journey Tonight

Tonight is the big night. All of the hard work that everyone put into Parker's Journey are going to see the benefit of the their generosity and labour. We are really looking forward to tonight. There have been so many people that populate this web site and we are really excited to meet many of you. If you are unsure of how to get there take a look at the link to the La Primevera where you can locate a map to the event. The Antipasto bar will be open from 6 - 7:15p, the Martini Bar opens at 6:30p and Dinner will begin at 7:30p.

Parker had a trip to Sick Kid's this morning for his ADAGEN injection and for his immunology clinic. For those of you who are unsure of what immunology clinic is, that is when he sees one of the staff immunologist and they inspect him and answer any questions we have. There are two immunologists on staff in addition to the doctor in charge of immunology at Sick Kid's.

Clinic went extremely well. Parker weighed in at 8.705 kg, for those of you who speak pounds and ounces that is 19 lbs and 2.4 ounces. Yes, Parker broke the 19 pound barrier. I still remember writing about Parker reaching 10 pounds and he will double that in a few weeks. Parker is currently at the 60th percentile for his weight. What a strong and thriving little boy.

I created a new play area for Parker in his room. We used to have a small blanket that was given to us as a gift that we would use to cover the carpet, but now I have washable rubber tiles the letters of the alphabet. We set it up yesterday and the little guy absolutely loves it.

Another new addition to Parker's life is his new ducky bathtub that his Nana bought him. He had his first bath in it last night and he was very pleased with his new tub. You can even squeeze the beak and it quacks.

We look forward to seeing everyone tonight. It is going to be a wonderful event to honour our son.


Allyson said...

I hope tonight is a HUGE success and wish that we could have been there! Have fun everyone!

Funny Face said...

I am sure tonight is going to be a great success and a lot of fun...sorry we are not able to be there but we are thinking of you all.

Looking forward to photo's and great detail from your dad Parker on how it all went.

Hope everyone has a great time!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Natalie said...

Good Morning Parker Pants,

Last night was such a wonderful success little one! So many people came out to support you and I could tell how much love there was for you in the room! I hope that you had a good night with your babysitter! It must have been very exciting :)

I want to thank everyone who worked so hard on your event was absolutely beautiful....and the food was delicious! Your Uncle David and I had a wonderful time.

Have a wonderful weekend Parker...I will talk to you again on Monday!

Auntie Natalie

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Morning Big Guy, last night was wonderful, the number people who came out to celebrate and support you,was incredible.
Everyone kept mentioning what a good time they were having.
Parker, you would have been really proud of your Mommy and Daddy last night having to speak in front of everyone and doing such a great job.

Stay Strong Big Guy!

Love you tons

Nonno & Nonna