Sunday, August 13, 2006

IVIG Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning we will be heading down to Sick Kid's so that Parker can get his infusion of gammaglobulins (IgG). These are some of the cells that the B-cells produce to help fight infection. It is Parker's primary line of defence at the moment. He does have some natural killer cells, as well as a working innate immune system, but his adaptive immune system is still not working well enough to fight off most infections. For the past three months his IgG level has been steadily declining. As a result, they will top him up tomorrow so that he has more to help him in case he does have to fight off some invaders.

It was almost a month ago that they tried to give him an infusion of IgG. The result, a little baby called Parker who's veins were poked without successfully being able to house an IV. It was 45 minutes of trying but we decided that it was not fair to Parker, us, or the nurses who were attempting to place the IV. Tomorrow, we hope that they will have more success.

Tonight, my wife and I went to Brampton where friends were holding a meeting for an event called Riding for Parker in which they will be riding 100 km by bike. The proceeds that are accumulated through the event will be donated to Parker's cause. We are extremely touched by the generosity of the people taking part in the event. The ride will take place in October, and as the date for the event comes closer I will make sure to write more about it.

Parker and I spent quite a bit of time together today working on his exercises. It is so much easier now that he can sit unassisted. It allows me to have him work on new things like how to get into a sitting position from lying down, or how to get on to his tummy from a sitting position. But most of all, we enjoy placing different toys around the little guys while he is sitting so that he may attempt to play with them.

I know that a lot of you may think that I work the little guy quite hard, and as soon as I display the video of him crawling over his "Jolly Jumper" pillow, I am sure there will be more of you, but I have a reason. There are going to be set backs when we go to Italy. There are going to be times where he is not going to want to eat, there will be times where he will be in pain, or on drugs. He may lose weight some weight from not eating. For these reasons, I feel it is important to push the little guy to learn as much as he can as soon as he can so that if he does have a lapse, he will still be at the same stage as most children his own age.

A new poll will be starting very shortly in Parker's Weekly Poll. If you have not voted for your favourite video you should do that soon. The race is very close. Lastly, Parker's Journey is at the end of the week and if you still plan on attending you should get your tickets soon. Information about the event can be obtained at the top of the right sidebar.


Allyson said...

Good luck today Parker-thinking of you! Allyson

Stacia said...

Hello Handsome man!!!

Just want to tell you good luck today!!! I will be thinking of you and mommy and daddy ALL day!!! Sending you positive vibes!!!

And some HUGS to!!!!

Love Stacy and Brad

Uncle Mikey said...

Dear Parky,
Good luck today at the hospital sweetheart. We'll be thinking and praying for you.
You look so great playing on your exercise mat, sitting up so good on your own! Way to go big guy!
Keep up all your very hard work and it'll pay off in the end.
We miss you and love you lots.
See you soon.
Love Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey

Elizabeth said...

Hi Parker Darling,

Good luck at the hospital today, darling! I know you will wow everyone again with how strong you are.

Speaking of being strong, I don't think your daddy is working you too hard at all! He is just showing you how you can and will be successful! You're doing great, Parker! :) I can't wait to see the video of you climbing over your pillow....

Love Elizabeth

Natalie said...

Hello My Little Parker Pants!

I was so excited to get home today so I could check my computer and see your little face! As I knew you would are STILL the ABSOLUTELY CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD! It sounds like you have been very busy over this last week.

I hope that today went well for you Parker...I hope it was much easier for you this time and for your Mommy, Daddy and the nurses!

I will be calling you tonight little one! I love you Parker Poo!

Auntie Natalie & Uncle David xoxox