Saturday, June 17, 2006

Playing For Parker

I need to make sure that the "Playing For Parker" at the Rivoli fundraiser got the recognition that it deserves; so, I am dedicating this article to only it. Last night we had a benefit concert for Parker at the Rivoli. My wife's brother, Michael Kulas from the band James and his wife Katie Griffin came up with the idea for a benefit concert when Parker was first diagnosed with ADA deficient Severe Combined Immunodeficiency back in early March. They spent the past three months organising the event so that it could be successful. I don't think it could have gone any better.

We had such a excellent turn out from so many wondeful and thoughtful people. In the main venue, we had a constant 200 people throughout the night. Michael and Katie anticipated that the turnout may exceed the maximum number that the Rivoli could hold, so they had speakers placed upstairs so that those that could not get into the main venue still had a place to listen.

The concert had several great acts and I would like to thank the performers for volunteering their time for last night. Lisa and Terry from Lost and Perfound, Chris Tait from Chalk Circle, and of course Michael and Katie were all amazing. Mathew, a local comedian, who was the Master of Ceremonies was extremely funny. Much funnier than I ever am.

But to be honest, it was the people that came to support us in our son's battle against this disease that need to be thanked the most. I cannot believe all the people I got to see and meet last night. I would like to thank several groups of people that came out last night. I would like to start with the alumni from Pope John Paul II. It has been over 15 years since I graduated and spoke with most of you, but the fact that you all came out to show me your support meant so much to me. I would also like to thank the teachers, parents and alumni from my current school who took the time to show their support. Some came from as far away as Montreal and Ottawa to be at the benefit. We would also like to thank all the members of our family who came out and brought their friends with them. A thank you to my 84 year old Nonna who sat and listened to the bands until well after midnight.

I also met up with the paramedics that had driven Parker to the hospital back in February. They had read about Parker in the newspaper and wanted to show their support by coming out last night. There are so many people I would like to thank and I really do apologise if I have missed anyone. I know I have. I just want everyone to know that my wife and I truly appreciate everyone who took part in last night's event. It was absolutely amazing.

In addition to the bands on the main floor, a silent auction was set-up up stairs. Playing For Parker t-shirts, CDs and 50-50 tickets were all sold. By the end of the event more than 6500 dollars was raised. Thank-you.

I know I have thanked them all ready, but I really want to thank Michael and Katie one last time. The time and effort you put into this event means so much to us. Parker is very lucky to have an aunt and uncle like you. We know that Parker will love to listen to the song (In your eyes) that his Auntie Kate wrote for him and his mommy for years to come. Thank-you Katie!!


nana said...

Fantastic write-up on the concert.
It certainly was a great night with
everyone out there lending their support and showing their love for you our little Parker man.

Isn't it wonderful how people come together in a time of crisis.

The entertainment was superb and Uncle Michael and Auntie Kate certainly did shine (even though Auntie Kate made me cry with the wonderful song she wrote for you my little man)

Your Nonni was a definite trooper - she can outlast the best I am sure.

Great evening and so happy and thankful that we could be a part of it.

We love you.

Nana and Granddad xoxoxo

Allyson said...

I wish I could have been there-sounds like an awesome night? How do we get our hands on some t-shirts????