Friday, June 02, 2006

What a Wonderful Feeling

I cannot begin to express the happiness and joy that my wife and I are feeling today. Parker is just over four and a half months old and he has spent almost all of it in the hospital. We were so elated when we got to walk our little boy out of the isolation unit in his stroller this morning at 11:30am.

I am not sure if Parker knew what was happening today, but the little guy never stopped smiling. When we placed him in his car seat and then in his stroller, he didn't shed a single a tear. He sat there in his stroller, under his rain sheild in complete astonishment of the outside world. The whole ride home Parker stared out the window as we passed others cars, and green fields holding his moms hand!

When we did return home, it was like Parker never left. He did not seem startled by his new surroundings. He got to play in his exersaucer and his gymnie. He got to do this while his mother and father played with him, without the sterile gowns we had become accustomed to wearing whenever we were with him.

Parker's appetite also has not diminished since being home. Parker had no problem finishing off 220 mL of Nestle Good Start Formula. For today, we used the ready made and he enjoyed it quite a bit.

We finally got the little monkey to bed fifteen minutes ago. He was not too keen on sleeping today as he got used to his surroundings. We tried to make his crib as similar to the hospital as we could; so his friends are dangling above his head as we speak.

Some more exciting news. The Toronto Star has decided to continue following Parker's battle with ADA deficient SCID and as a result will be writing another story about him for tomorrow's Saturday Star. We appreciate all the work the Toronto Star has put into this.

Many people have asked me if I plan on keeping the blog up-to-date now that Parker is home awaiting his treatment in Italy. The answer is a definate yes. The blog will continue to chronicle Parker's battle with this disease. So please come back each day to see how my little boy is doing.


Stacia said...

Kevin, Trace & Parker -

We are SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!! As soon as i opened the blog and saw the pictures I strated crying (happy tears of course)!!!

The 3 of you must feel so amazing today...Like you will conquer the world...We know you will...

Stay strong enjoy being home together...


Natalie said...

Hello Parker Poo!!!!

I cannot begin to describe how happy I am to see the picture of you and your Mommy and Daddy together without gowns etc!!! It is SUCH A THRILL to see you all! And I LOVED to see you outside!

You and your Mommy and Daddy have waited so long for this - YAHOO PARKER POO! Please keep on sending the pictures of all of you together - I can't get enough of your three happy faces! I love you guys!

Auntie Natalie & Uncle David xoxo

nana said...

My Little Parker Man:

Well you've made it home and that is the best news we have had in a long long while. Mommy and daddy will always be real close to make sure that you stay safe.

We miss you so much but would rather not see you for however long it takes to make sure your health is not compromised in any way.

We love you.

Nana and Granddad xoxoxo