Thursday, June 22, 2006

Almost There

Parker had quite the busy day today. We worked on his rolling over a few times today and to be honest, I had the video camera out. No, not to analyse his rolling over, but because I thought he was going to do it today on his own and I wanted to get it on tape for everyone. He really dislikes going for his morning nap, so when my wife put him down for the morning, he started to roll over but kept hitting the bumper pad in his crib. Now, all I have to do is give him a slight nudge and over he goes. Hopefully, he will be doing it all himself by the end of the weekend. Once he is over on his tummy, he is quite content and can stay there for some time.

We again let Parker tell us when he was hungry today. In the past, we always made sure Parker ate at least 1050 mL of food, but it usually meant distracting him by having the Backyardigans on. Now, that we only feed him when he tells us he is hungry, we do not need the TV to get him to eat. The downfall is that he eats a couple hundred millilitres less. Parker ate 850 mL today. I am not too worried about that. Parker has his clinic tomorrow and I know that he will be up on the scale, the only question is by how much. The usual is abot 35 grams per day, but with the decreased caloric intake I would assume that it would be less. Parker is currently at the 50th percentile in his weight. Meaning that he weighs more than 50% of all other male babies his age. To stay at the 50th percentile at age six months, Parker needs to gain 21 grams per day for until July 15th. This is considerably less than what we have been accustomed to since we began keeping track, but even with the decreased food intake should be relatively easy to do. So I am assuming that Parker's weight gain will be around 25 grams per day.

Now, recall that Parker has begun rice cereal. Today, he cooperated with my wife during his feed. He made sure to open his mouth whenever the spoon approached his mouth. Parker does not have alot of cereal each day, but he does seem to be enjoying it.

As most of you know, Friday is clinic day. Parker had his blood work taken on Tuesday, so I am sure we will be talking about that tomorrow. We will also be talking about his feeding and sleeping habits. See, now that Parker is eating less, he is waking up for a feed earlier in the morning. I am actually writing this message at 3 am on Friday morning. Less food in the tummy means being hungry earlier in the morning.


Allyson said...

Parker-you are just growing like a little weed! You are too cute and I am thrilled to hear you are enjoying yur cereal! 3am-Ha! Enjoy the snack little man!

Uncle Mikey said...

Hi Parky,
Aren't you a big boy! You look soooo cute. I love the outfit. We can't believe how quick you're growing and changing everyday...that's why we love this website! We get to see you, even when we can't visit.
Anyway darling, have a wonderful day and hopefully we'll see you this weekend, if you don't have any plans! ;)
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xo