Thursday, June 01, 2006

One More Sleep!

It is five thirty on Thursday afternoon and we are about to head home for the night as we still have quite a bit to do before our little boy comes home tomorrow. We have spent the last couple of days cleaning and should have the house spottless by the time he gets home tomorrow, early afternoon. Although we are extremely excited to go home tomorrow, we would definately be lying if we said we were not at least a little bit anxious.

Parker has been at the hospital almost his whole life. With the help of the Hospital for Sick's Kid's in Toronto we have taken great lengths to limit his chances of catching any infections. When Parker goes home tomorrow we will have to build a routine with strict rules to make sure that he continues to stay healthy as we await our trip to Italy near the end of October.

Parker's immune system is much better off than it was when he was born, but it not perfect yet. The enzyme injections that he has received the past month have allowed his B-cells, and NK cells to normalize in regards to numbers. Parker's neutrophil levels are also normal, as well as many other types of cells he has that fight infection and bacteria. That said, his T-cell numbers are still low. These fight viruses and fungi. This is why strict precautions will still have to be followed. We are expecting his T-cells to increase in the next while but at this point in time they are still low.

My wife and I would like to thank all the wonderful people we have had a chance to meet and deal with at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. The immunology team has been absolutely wonderful. Without them, we never would have caught this disease as early as we did. The nursing staff on 7D (General Paedeatrics) and 8B (Bone Marrow/Reverse Isolation) have been extremely caring and helpful toward our son. The people that have gone into this profession are never thanked enough, so I would like to let them know we are so appreciative of them. I would like to make a special thank you to Parker's favourite doctor, Dr. Sean. Parker enjoyed his visit with you each day, you always made him laugh. My wife and I are so very appreciative of your patience with us. We always had so many questions and you always took the time to answer them.

During our stay we got to meet many parents who are also going through some very difficult times. My heart goes out to every one of them and our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

We would like to thank our families. I know it has been extremely difficult for you as we have become very isolated as a result of this disease. We look forward to spending more time with you in the upcoming months. We love you very much.

Lastly, I would like to thank my wife. Without her, Parker would not be the little boy he is today. Although she may have worried if he would smile at her because he did not see hers, there is no one he smiles bigger for then his mom. Parker, at four and a half months old has already become a momma's boy.


nana said...

My darling, darling little man:

Words could never describe how elated and on top of the moon we are, to know there is only "one more sleep" and then it will be home where you belong. This seems like a dream but one we do not want to wake up from.

Have a wonderful sleep - we are definitely near the end of this huge hurdle.Your mommy and daddy likely won't be getting too much sleep tonight and I am sure that is the last thing on their minds.

We love you.

Nana and Granddad xoxoxo

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Like your Daddy said a big thank you to all the wonderful people at Sick Kids.
But I would now like to thank your Daddy for keeping us all informed through this journey, his daily articles were both heartwarming and educational and got us through each day.
We know that everything is going to be just fine at home, because you have a great Mommy & Daddy looking over you.

Stay strong big guy!

Love you tons

Nonno & Nonna

Funny Face said...

Good Morning Parker!

It is the big day and I am sure your parents are more excited than words could express! This has been a long ordeal for all especially for your Mom and Dad. Your dad has done an excellent job in keeping all updated and helping us all understand what is happening. Your mom has done an amazing job with you...keeping everything as normal as possible.

Kevin and Tracy, I am sure tonight as Parker sleeps his breathing over the monitor will be the best sound you have ever heard!

Love you guys!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Stacia said...

This is your BIG DAY little man!!!


Uncle Mikey said...

Parky Poo,
We can't describe how excited we are that you're going home today! We love you so much and can't wait to see you again. Your parents have been so awesome throughout this whole ordeal and have handled the situation with incredible patience and love.
Wait til you see your room's so bright and spacious!

Thinking of you and mom and dad daily,
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xo

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerpants!!

Wow!! It's the beginning of a brand new adventure for you! I'm so excited for you!! Your Mommy and Daddy are probably over the moon right now!!

Love ya lots and lots,
Auntie Kate xo