Monday, June 05, 2006

First Family Walk

One thing we were never able to do when we were in isolation was take Parker for a walk in his stroller. Today, we did that for the first time. Parker was not too thrilled about it at the beginning but once he fell asleep he enjoyed it quite a bit. Now, we do live in a newly developed area so there is construction going on behind us. With Parker having some proteinosis in his lungs it is important that we do not agrivate his lungs in any way. As a result, we went to my parent's neighbourhood which is established and has no construction going on.

Parker is extremely close to rolling over from his back to his front. I am pretty sure it is going to happen one day this week. He is working coordinating his lower body movement with his upper body. He gets both arms over his body but does not always use his legs to give him some momentum. I would try and explain to him what to do but I am pretty sure he would not understand. So I now lie on my back beside him and show him what to do. I think it is working. Well, I am not sure if it is working but he finds it funny!

Parker had a new personal best for food consumed today. He polished off over 1200 mL. We purchased a bottle steriliser today so that we can be sure that he does not have any germs on his bottles or nipples or some of his smaller plastic toys.

Parker has become a little difficult when it comes to going to bed. Once he falls asleep he is out for quite a few hours but getting him to sleep is a different story. I am not sure if he is worried that someone is going to steal his exersaucer and backyardigans DVD when he is a sleep but he does not like going to bed without a fight the past couple of nights. I think he is just overtired. It is not like he takes major naps during the day. He slept for two hours this afternoon, as did daddy. Hopefully, he will fall asleep soon.

It is so weird not knowing how much Parker weighs. When I check my graph of Parker's weight I would have him at 15 pounds today and 15 pounds and 4 ounces on Friday when he goes to clinic. It will not be the same scale on Friday, nor the same time he normally got weighed but it should not make too much of a difference. Maybe a couple of ounces.


coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkeroo!

You are the coolest kid on the block in those shades!! It was a beautiful day for a walk, so it's nice to see you getting some fresh air!

Love ya lots and lots,
Auntie Kate xo

Natalie said...


You are too cool for school! I love your new look!!!

Auntie Natalie