Thursday, June 29, 2006

Clinic Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be Friday and that means another clinic day for Parker. He had an unofficial weigh in on Tuesday that had him pegged at 7.60 kg. I am not really expecting much more than that tomorrow. With the last two weights not corresponding to my graph of Parker's previous weights it is hard to predict what he is going to weigh tomorrow. I know that it is around now that infants normally start to slow down on the weight gain so maybe the next month will show us a different trend.

We took Parker for two walks today. Yes, I said we and yes I said two. We went this morning and followed it up with an evening walk. What was exciting for us all was that Parker's evening walk was without his UV shield. Whenever we go out where there are a lot of people, like the hospital, Parker must where his rain shield. This is like his bubble. It keeps people from getting all their germs on him and therefore helps him remain infection free. Like most babies when they go for a walk on a sunny day, we place a UV shield over his stroller so that he does not get sun burnt. Infants under six months are not supposed to wear sunscreen and the fact that Parker is on Septra makes him more susceptible to light. But tonight, the sun had set quite a bit, and it was nice and cool so we decided to let Parker look around. We removed the UV protector, adjusted his stroller so that he was sitting up slightly, and Parker was able to look around as we walked through the neighbourhood like proud parents of a normal baby. Parker normally sleeps through his walks, but this evening he spent the 45 minutes looking around at everything in the neighbourhood.

I know that many of you know that Parker has been in the Toronto Star on a couple of occasions. Of course, we collected a few copies of the paper so that we could keep them as mementos, but Parker's and my uncle Benny gave us a special copy of the Paper. The images and text are so bright that the normal newspaper is no comparison. We have decided to take the three pages we got as a gift and have them matted and framed so we may hang them in our main hallway.

Parker has really taken to his JollyJumper. He laughs and jumps in it for quite some time. Today, daddy whistled to Parker for a good twenty minutes while Parker danced and jumped along. Mommy read Parker a story while he stood there in front of her laughing every time she would turn the page. I tried to get a movie of Parker jumping around but was too late, as he had gotten a little bored by the time I got the camera out.


Uncle Mikey said...

Dear Parky,
Sounds like you're getting lots of exercise!
I'm so happy you got to take a look at your neighbourhood yesterday. Everything must look so interesting and exciting.
Good luck today at your clinic. We know you'll be tough as usual.
Love you lots,
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xoxoxo

nana said...

Hi our little man:

Granddad really enjoyed hanging out with you on his birthday and loved the dinner your daddy prepared. Thank you so much.

That nasty old clinic day seems to come faster and faster but soon it will be over and you will be fit as a fiddle and we will all get together and just have a great time just plain old goofing off.
I know your Uncle Michael and Auntie Kate look forward to that.

We love you our strong boy!!!

Nana and Granddad xoxoxoxo