Wednesday, June 21, 2006

School's In

Today was the last day of school for me, but it now means that school is starting for Parker. Now, most people know that Parker's mom is all about naps and feedings and I am all about making sure Parker is developing at least at the rate that is considered normal for his age. In recent posts I had mentioned that one of the side effects of ADA deficient SCID is neorological abnormalities. My wife and I have spent quite a bit of time ensuring that if any pathways in his brain shut down, a new one opened up. Parker does not display any form of a neurological problem. He is at age in his development.

That said, now that I am off from work I will get to spend quite a bit of time with him. He was very close to rolling over from back to front today on his own and we are pretty sure this is something we will see him do in the next few days.

I had mentioned yesterday that Parker will be regulating his own feeding schedule. Today, it went well. Yes, my wife was anxious that he would not eat enough and as a result will not gain weight but Parker ate 910 mL of formula. Although it is below the 1050 mL he was eating before it is above 800mL which was the amount we had set out for him to eat during this experiment. With 1000+ mL feeds Parker was gaining over an ounce each day. Last week alone his average daily weight gain was 45 grams. I would like to see Parker begin to gain weight a little slower. I am hoping for 25 - 30 grams as the average daily gain for Friday's clinic.

Well, I better get some sleep. Parker and I have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

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